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leslie saglio ibiza wellness retreat yoga meditation coaching

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As seen in White Ibiza, THE lifestyle guide of the island. Click here for the full article.



Join me for my annual retreat on the magical, Balearic island of Ibiza. Your retreat will be a powerful catalyst for healing and healthy changes in your life.

Through heart-felt and thoughtfully curated activities, past retreat participants have reported to have found more peace, balance, clarity, courage, love, and joy (watch video below for some highlights!).

After a over a decade living abroad I understand what it takes to overcome the challenges to create a new and happy life. It hasn’t always been easy. But from my own search for balance and commitment to growth I’m now living a life I love.

Now it’s my passion to facilitate a space to guide others towards more clarity and freedom in a life they love. As a life coach, yoga teacher, and energy healer it would be an honour to guide you though this magical Balearic journey.


Do any of the following apply to you:

*You’ve worked really hard and want a holiday to relax and reconnect to you.

*You’re longing for space outside your normal routine to get clarity about what direction to take in your life.

*You want to learn empowerment tools and practices to inspire healthy, lasting change.

*You’re yearning to develop or deepen your spiritual practice.

*You’re craving connection with a tribe of like-minded people.

*You’re a seeker who loves beautiful places, delicious food and inspiring activities.


If you’ve said yes to any of the above, then THIS IS YOUR SIGN to join me on this magical week in the Balearic island of Ibiza.

leslie saglio ibiza wellness retreat motherhood yoga coaching





  • Have space outside of your normal routine to get clarity
  • Have time to reflect and grow yourself by thinking and interacting in a more balanced way
  • Feel peace and balance, knowing that you’re exactly where you need to be
  • Establish ability to listen and trust you intuition
  • Develop or deepen your spiritual practice
  • Create life long friendships with people who understand you and your values
  • Learn empowerment tools and practices to inspire healthy change
  • Go home re-energised feeling enlightened and motivated to move forward positively in your life


  • Lodging at a private villa, a peaceful haven in the north of the island
  • Morning Vinyasa Yoga and Evening Yin Yoga with Energy Healing on the outdoor shala
  • Daily workshops and guided meditations
  • Individual Coaching with Leslie during and after the retreat
  • Healthy delicious vegetarian food, freshly prepared by your private chefs
  • Connect back to nature nestled on 1.5 hectares of terraced woodland
  • Explore Ibiza with a group hike tour


*Not included: Airfare, airport transfers and ground transport / Optional private yoga or energy healing with Leslie

leslie saglio ibiza wellness retreat yoga coaching meditation


If you register by the early-bird date, you’ll be eligible for the 3-pay option which allows you to make monthly payments. This special payment option is available to make it easier for you to budget. Please email info@lesliesaglio.com for specific details on pricing and reservations. Cancellation policy: This is an exclusive retreat with a very limited number of participants, where all bookings are final. You’re committed to paying for the retreat in full.  It’s recommended to purchase travel insurance if you need for peace of mind.


“I really enjoyed my experience…it was a lot coming a far distance but it was worth it…the people that I met we really all connected…found some life long friends…I would definitely recommend.” – Hilliary, New York, N.Y., U.S.A.


“I really needed some space, I felt quite stuck…a place to be guided by Leslie and her wisdom…with [her] influence to stretch yourselfexpansiveness…possibilities for my life…freedom. It’s been quite special…it’s been great.” – Lynne, Glasgow, Scotland


This retreat has been absolutely awesome…Leslie’s been amazing with taking us through yoga and life coaching each day…a nice warm and open environment…opportunity to slow down…I was a bit nervous…this experience has allowed me to overcome that fear” – Arbi, London, U.K.


“Leslie was great. Her combo of yoga, energy healing and life coaching, she rebooted each and every one in the group. What I especially liked in her approach was the way she helped us to own our own progress, getting just the right balance between guiding and uniting us as a group and letting us explore our own individual needs.” – Gabriella, London, U.K.


“I am more than grateful for such a special Yoga retreat…with Leslie. I met wonderful people and had such a warm and intense yoga experience combined with a coaching aspect – which was just the perfect mix for me. Leslie made everybody in this group feel very special and connected and I am still missing these days…Her way of teaching was very inspiring and heart opening. I feel very balanced, calm, full of positive energy and just happy – thank you Leslie!” – Britta, Frankfurt, Germany


“Leslie is a nice and warm person, I really felt at home…everything was just perfect arranged. It was great spending time with Leslie and the group. All the sessions yoga and coaching were very inspiring. I really feel re-energized. It was just what I needed. Thank you Leslie.” – Liz, Amsterdam, Holland


Get CLARITY NOW, a guided video meditation & workbook.

Learn how to immediately and positively move forward in your life today. This is the first step in my private coaching process and now it’s yours – for FREE!

 Learn how to get clarity now.

In this beautiful (and free) guided video meditation and workbook you’ll tap into your own inner guidance that’ll give you the courage and clarity to move forward in a life you love.