Start Healing Now From the Death of a Loved One

healing from the death of a loved one



“All that is real in our past is the love we gave and the love we received. Everything else is an illusion” ~ Marianne Williamson


This photo was taken just hours after I found out another loved one lost to cancer this past Sunday. It was a tough day. Even though she was put on hospice care, it still hurts and it’s still painful. She was like family to us and it’s because of her that I’m able to do what I do today. Because of her I was able to attend trainings, workshops and retreats around the world, while she was entrusted with taking care of my children and my home. Because of her I am serving others as a coach, yoga teacher, author and speaker.


After also losing my best friend, my father and nearly my mother to cancer, it still never ceases to shake my foundation as I ask myself,


 “Did I do enough?”

“Where do I go from here?”

“What is life?”

“What is its purpose?”


It’s so important we honour the dignity of our process and allow ourselves to feel every spectrum of this human experience – the good and the bad, the pain and the joy, the fear and the love. As humans we learn and experience through duality; that is our nature.


I stayed “strong’ that day to enjoy our family “Switch off Sundays” but I made sure to still give myself the dignity of my process to grieve. I allowed myself to cry…yes cry.


And when I felt I couldn’t get on my yoga mat I knew in my heart that’s the time I need it the most.


Beyond the physical benefits, yoga is a great emotional release. Energy that may have become stuck or stagnant had an opportunity to move up and out. 


According to Chinese traditional medicine there’s neither good nor bad emotions, but all is simply energy in motion (e-motion) and an expression of life force energy (aka chi or prana). When experiencing any range of emotion, especially grief, please give yourself permission to let go and let flow. When we resist emotional release that’s when it becomes dangerous; that’s when it has the potential to become dis-ease where stuck emotions, stagnant energy, can start to manifest physically in the body as illness.


Grief is not a sign of weakness. It’s the result of a strong relationship and deserves the honour of strong emotion.


When a loved ones dies this forces many of us to search and seek the answer to these questions. This forces us to accept the reality of our mortality and that everything will one day perish on this earth.


Everyone on this earth has lost loved ones. You are not alone in your pain. Departure from the physical body is a natural part of life on earth.


This very truth forces us to reexamine our life values and goal motivating us to change our life style, improve our character, or live a more meaningful existence.


The death of a loved one provides an opportunity, like none other, for personal and spiritual development. It’s through an investigation to the deeper truths of life you can cultivate inner power, self-acceptance and peace.


My intention and prayer for you is that you too may find healing, love, light and peace in your process of grief. And may you,


  • Believe in your heart that no one is responsible for someone else’s death. You are not responsible. You did your best. Each soul has selected the hour and the place when he or she will leave.


  • Trust in your heart that everything happens according to a Higher Power that gives us the lessons we need for our spiritual evolution. For some reason, our loved ones move on to another level of existence for us to continue on here, without him or her.


  • Feel the one universal life force, expressing itself through all beings. The same consciousness that expressed itself your loved one is now expressing itself through every being around you. When you love others you love him/her as well.


  • Know your loved one would want you to be happy and to continue your life creatively and beautifully.


  • Remember you can, even now, correct your relationship with your loved one with inner communication and prayer.


  • Find meaning in yourself and your life by serving, creating, loving and evolving.


Do you have a friend or colleague that’s grieving the loss of someone?


I understand you may not know what happened exactly, may not know the person who passed or even what to say. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the details; your presence is enough. Your friend will find their own path to healing and what they will need is assurance that they are not entirely alone on their journey.


Are you dealing with the death of a loved one?


Two years ago after my father passed I wrote a blog “10 Ways to Grow Through Your Grief”. If you or someone you know is grieving the death of a loved one may you too be inspired on your journey.


I will honour Mariane’s life and all those who’ve passed before by continuing to dedicate my life in service to help others also heal and still find the beauty in this world. If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one then let’s talk. Click here to schedule a complimentary call with me. I know I can help and I would be honoured to guide you on your journey.


As always I’d love connecting with you and hear what did you find helpful during your process as you grieve from the death of a loved one. Head over to the comments section below to share.


With love and gratitude,
Leslie xx


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