How I Discovered the Secret of Living a More Centred Life

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~ Rumi

2010 was a difficult time in my life. My parents and my best friend were battling serious illness, but I was living in London, where I’d moved to from Los Angeles to be with my partner, and so I couldn’t be with them.  I was expecting my second child, and I knew I had to remain strong for my unborn baby.

My son was born a month later, a natural birth – a very different experience than with the birth of my first child.  And so it was very empowering to know that I could do it alone, that I could birth my son without the aid of drugs and intervention.

Giving birth at a time when my loved ones were facing such challenging health battles also made me re-examine the way we were living. Every mother wants to protect her family from illness, and I was no different. I wanted to make sure that we were doing all we could to live a clean and healthy lifestyle that would give us the best possible chances with our health. 

And so my journey began towards a clean, green and holistic lifestyle. I started healing my home and asked myself what we could live without. I got rid of the microwave, almost everything plastic; I threw out pesticide-ridden foods and products laden with chemicals. It was overwhelming at first, but I achieved it little by little. And it wasn’t long before my family and I began to see the health benefits. 

But I began to realize that there’s much more to our health than just the physical. I had thought that exercising four times a week, using homeopathy, not consuming red meat and cutting my sugar intake were sufficient. But we are emotional and spiritual beings, and those parts of us require daily nurturing and balance too.

In healing my home it made me more conscious of my own life. What was preventing me from living a more balanced and centered existence? I had always exercised using techniques like Pilates that connect body and mind, but there was something missing. It was my search for this element of spirit that ultimately brought me back to meditation and yoga, and with these practices I found a beautiful stillness, at a time that I so desperately needed that inner peace.

I strongly believe that achieving a blissful, centered and healthy life starts with how we care for our homes, our families and ourselves. The body is a temple that we must keep strong and sturdy to protect and sustain our inner home, the heart and mind. And I’ve seen at first hand how powerful and empowering a holistic approach to life can be, when coupled with yoga and meditation.

Today both my parents are thankfully alive and well; my mother is a 3-year cancer survivor and my father a 3-year brain tumour survivor.

I am a firm believer in that there is a lesson in every exchange. My passion now is to use my life experiences and what I have learned about healing homes and yoga, to inspire others to work towards health, happiness and harmony.  
This blog is dedicated to my best friend Bo, who sadly lost her battle with cancer leaving her body in 2012, but who lives on through her 8-year-old son, and through all the meaningful connections she made during her beautiful 33 years on this earth.

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