Magic Happens When You Get Thankful

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” – Roald Dahl

I have always been quite a grateful person, counting the numerous blessings in my life and welcoming the lessons that the universe presents me with. Gratitude goes deeper than just being thankful for who or what you already have in your life. Gratitude as a daily practice includes being thankful for the aspects of your life which on the surface appear to be negative or that which has not even happened yet. By starting each day with gratitude and focusing on my life “being” positive, I am able to co-create more positivity – and abracadabra – magic!

The Get Thankful Challenge
Since that fateful morning last May, rooftop yoga at New York City’s The James Hotel with Millana, I have been an admirer of SERENE Social but had been unable to take part in their events because I live in London. However, the universe delivered a way for me to work with her through the Get Thankful Challenge. Having access to her talent is truly a blessing. The Challenge is based on bestselling author Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Magic. When I signed up for the Challenge it was a new year and I was just starting out on a new path as an entrepreneur, Domestic Detox consultant and Yoga teacher, after 5 years of being a full time mum. Being taken through The Challenge has improved my knowledge of what being thankful truly means. The daily gratitude practice has had the profound effect of making me even more present. I am living in the moment; appreciating and showing gratefulness for the smallest things in life. Taking the time to be grateful daily automatically changes your mindset, your body language and how you go about your day, which is why you start to attract better experiences.
I Experienced ‘Aha Moments
I have had many moments of clarity on the Challenge that proved to me how powerful a practice being thankful really is. I would like to share two of them with you:
Day 5: Magic Money
The day’s practice was to think about all the abundance you received throughout your childhood, things that came to you with no charge to yourself. With each memory you say and feel the magic words “thank you” where money was paid for you. It is very easy to forget all of the wonderful things we receive during our childhood. Being taken care of is expected but seldom appreciated; it’s your parents, teachers and society’s’ job. I was brought up in a loving home environment and my parents sacrificed so much to ensure I had a joyful and content upbringing. They kept me and my siblings’ safe, fed and clothed us, educated us and took us on fun vacations. Not all children are this lucky. Reminding myself of these many moments made me feel thankful for the solid foundation I was given growing up and how that has influenced me positively as an adult and now as a parent.
Day 12: Magical People Who Made a Difference
On this day the practice was to make a list of three people who made a difference in your life, good or bad. Then with each person say “thank you” for how they affected you and changed the course of your life forever. Sometimes experiences of hurt can be the biggest blessings in disguise and it is still important to identify with those people and be thankful for them. So often we focus on those relationships that impacted our lives negatively in a resentful way; saying “thank you” was liberating. By acknowledging these peoples roles in my life I was also able to let go of past hurt and pain because, even though I couldn’t see it at the time, they were bringing good into my life.
Getting thankful – an act of self-love
Something that I didn’t expect was the feeling of self-love that my practice has given me. By focusing on the many acts of love and kindness I have received in the past and continue to receive every day, I feel loved. All human beings need to feel loved, it raises your self-esteem and levels of self-worth. I feel empowered and ready to move forward with life with more confidence than I had before. By embracing your feeling of connection to all other beings on the planet, not just the people you see and speak to every day, you feel part of the power, part of the magic.
What have I gained overall? 
I’m currently on day 18 of the Challenge and already it has brought me the most beautiful synchronicities. It takes you on a journey of living a life full of gratitude, which increases the magic in your life in different aspects from health, to career and work to personal relationships. It cultivates an attitude of appreciation for all we have now and have had in the past and helps you use this attitude to attract positive events into your life.I have gained more confidence in my new life work and learned that by simply being grateful magical things can and do happen.I have a much deeper understanding about how connected we all are. People are taking part in this challenge from all over the globe and it really has led to a sense of oneness. You are part of the universe, the universe will provide what you need, but you first have to take the time and develop the practice of being grateful for what you have.The Get Thankful Challenge has helped me move forward on the new path I’d already chosen for myself. I thoroughly recommend that people looking to bring more ‘magic’ into their lives sign up for the next Challenge in March. I am so looking forward to experiencing more events as Serene Social is set to expand into London and Los Angeles.
Get Thankful – it will change your life.

As always, I’d love connecting with you and hear about your gratitude practice and how it’s made a shift in your perspective and in your life.  Head over to the comments section below to share your thoughts.
With love and gratitude,
Leslie xx

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