6 Ways to Attract More Abundance Into Your Life


“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life” ~ Wayne Dyer

Feeling fulfilled in what I do for my work has been a blessing. I have been able to take my own life experiences and turn them into something positive in helping others, while at the same time enjoying being a mother to my two young children. The secret is not doing something that merely earns a lot of money to allow simple financial freedom. The secret lies in mindfully doing something you love that allows you the freedom to love yourself and others, while being grateful for the ability to do so.

The Get Thankful Challenge  
It’s been nearly two months since I finished SERENE Social’s Get Thankful Challenge, based on Rhonda Byrne’s book The Magic. I am still practising daily gratitude and witnessing the overwhelming magic of attracting abundance into my life.
When I began The Challenge, it was with the intention of helping me launch my new business healing homes and teaching yoga. I never imagined just how much positivity and abundance it would bring into my life as a whole. By sticking to my daily gratitude practice, I soon found that it has the overwhelming power to create abundance in ways I didn’t expect; it really has been life changing.

Launching SERENE Social in London
One year on from discovering SERENE Social and meeting co-founder Millana Snow while visiting New York city, and here I am, helping to launch it in London this May. It’s been with a labour of love and daily gratitude that has birthed me helping bring this wonderful women’s community to London – to benefit others as it has me. I’m a strong believer in what SERENE Social stands for and I am so proud to be a part of their story:

“We believe in women empowering women…that this process starts with a healthy, balanced, happy individual…that what we give, we receive…[and] that when women are brought together and empowered we are capable of extraordinary things.”

I am grateful to be given this opportunity to connect like-minded women who are continuing, or starting, on a journey in holistic wellness. I am humbled how, through gratitude, I’ve been able to create more abundance in my life – in areas that I am absolutely passionate about, including helping others live a more fulfilled life.

Seven years ago I left my life in Los Angeles and took a leap of faith in myself, and in the Universe – believing that it was the move meant for me. It wasn’t an easy transition at first and it was even more difficult being away from my parents and best friend when they suffered from serious illness. But I’ve learned to surrender to the experiences life had given me which is partly what practising gratitude is about.

Now, I am able to use even the most difficult of my life experiences to help and inspire others. Life has a wonderful way of turning even the most painful of times into something beautiful. I truly feel I have found my passion – I have found my purpose.

How do you know that a gratitude practice will benefit you?
Do you ever feel like you were meant for more? Do you ever wonder if your existence has the power to change lives, to make people think, or to make a difference? Every one of us is born with a purpose and meaning in this lifetime.
I am so happy with, and overwhelmed by, the results from my continued daily gratitude practice, that I wanted to pass on some ways that you can attract abundance into your life every day. I hope that it brings you the same joy as it has me:

  1. Wake-up in peace. I invite you to start your day without looking at your emails,   phone, text messages, computer, etc… for at least one hour. Our days are constantly filled with to-dos, technology and stress. Everything you need to get done will get done – give yourself the space and time just to be with you before rushing to start your day. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself and want to extend it even longer!
  2. Say “Thank you”. Thank you for yesterday and thank you for today. Remember the magic and count your blessings from the day before in a journal or on your computer. Starting your day in gratitude has the power to keep your day positive and to attract better experiences.
  3. Move your body. Take the time to get out, walk in nature and get inspired. Sit under a tree or walk in the park. There’s something priceless and uplifting about being outdoors, in the fresh air, surrounded by the beauty of Mother Earth.
  4. Have a personal hobby/interest that is just for you. Is there something you’ve been meaning to try, but keep putting off? Go and do it! It may be scary at first, but you get over itand will create some great memories that nobody can ever take away from you. And you may find it a source of great inspiration and creativity.
  5. Turn off the TV. Instead of watching other people’s lives, take a solid interest in your own, and develop yourself personally. Read a book instead, or visit/call a friend or relative.
  6. Go to bed grateful. End your day in the positive way that you started it, without looking at your emails, phone, text messages, computer, etc… for at least one hour before sleeping. Give yourself the space and time to wind down from the busy technology and to-do list filled day to ensure a restful night’s sleep. Think about the best thing that happened in your day and say “Thank you”.

Being grateful and open means cultivating an awareness that life will ultimately take you in new and different directions, while having the ability to mindfully respond to the unexpected twists and turns. Touch your life more fully and be ready to embrace all abundant opportunities and situations, good or seemingly bad. Start being grateful today and watch your life change for the better. Your life will take on an unbelievable richness that is there to be experienced.

As always, I’d love connecting with you and hear how you’ve attracted more abundance in your life. Head over to the comments section below to share your thoughts.

With love and gratitude,

Leslie xx


Ten years as an American expat in Europe, Leslie knows what it takes to overcome the challenges to create a new and happy life.  As an international Coach, Yoga Teacher, Writer, and Speaker she guides others to live a stress free and happy life. A Los Angeles native, she lives in Barcelona with her French husband and two young children. To find out more about Leslie and her work click here.

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