How Uplifting Others Can Nourish Your Spirit

“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value” ~ Jim Rohn

As an expat living eight years in London, I can definitely attest that a lot of us live with grace because of the amazing help we receive from our caregivers. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, your help becomes your family just as your close friends. For me to be nearly 6,000 miles away from my family, raising two young children while working has largely been made possible because of our nanny, Mariane. Today, more than ever, I’m inspired to give back and help her as she has helped keep my children safe and keep my house a home.


Expect the unexpected
We never know what life will bring us no matter how prepared we think we may be.  Sometimes things happen to our self or our loved ones that have the power to change you, making you re-examine your own life and purpose.
As I write this Mariane has been diagnosed with breast cancer while 7,000 miles apart from her own child and mother (herself a two year breast cancer survivor). Mariane works entirely to put her son through private education (top of his class), at the cost of not seeing him for nearly four years.  Surprisingly, he has the same name and birthday as my son, while Mariane and I share the same age. How surreal I always think.  What are the odds we have been put together on this Earth? I believe there are no coincidences in life.  Every experience and everyone person we come across in our lifetime is there for a divine reason, to make us grow, to teach us a lesson or to open our heart.


A diagnosis of faith
It’s been nearly three years since I lost my best friend to cancer and nearly four years that my mother has been a cancer survivor.  Cancer has a way to turn your world upside down but at the same time bring a renewed faith and appreciation in life to all those that are directly and in-directly affected.  Life is so precious and must never be taken for granted.  We are all beautiful beings put on this Earth for a divine purpose – how are you living your life on purpose?
From five years of my own commitment to personal growth, it’s now my mission to help and inspire others towards a more healthy, happy and balanced life.  In my own quest for meaning and balance, working with some of the top healers, teacher and coaches in the world, it has shifted my perspective entirely.


Because of Mariane’s caregiving I’m able to pursue my passion while coming home to happy, loving kids.  Because of her I can work again, on purpose, as a mumpreneur in the city; I get to coach clients, share yoga and lead NYC’s women’s community SERENE Social in London.


Women helping women
As a woman, mother, coach, yoga teacher, and SERENE’s London Lead I’m absolutely passionate and committed about helping women to lead “lives of great passion, power and purpose…[and create] a space where women can connect, uplift, find support, get inspired and feed nourishment to their mind, body, spirit and dreams, on and off-line” (


And so with grace and gratitude I ask for your prayers and support to help give Mariane the gift of faith and love, nourishing her mind, body and spirit.

A heart-felt “Thank you” to everyone who contributed to Mariane’s fundraiser in October.  We are deeply touched by your generous support and it means a lot to the entire family. 

With love and gratitude,

Leslie xx  

Update: Mariane passed on February 26, 2017 surrounded by her son, family and friends in the Philippines. May she now rest in peace.

If you would like to contribute to the fundraising for her son Tristan’s education please contact me at

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