4 Beautiful Ways Mothers Can Take Care of Themselves


“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” ~ Diane Mariechild

A mother today has far less time for herself compared to that of a previous lifetime “B.C.” (before children). What is fundamentally important is how women manage personal energy, as this is what makes a real difference to their health, happiness and harmony. Whether full or part-time at home or at the office, all mothers are working mothers. Constantly juggling and demanding patience, love and energy in order to balance their daily needs and those of loved ones mothers really do need to learn new ways they can take care of themselves. You cannot pour from an empty cup so it’s important as mothers we keep our self-care tank full.

As the root of family life mothers often feel a struggle between their role as a caregiver and as a working professional. Choosing to work while raising children, whether for the love of a career, a way to stay connected to the ‘adult’ world or the need to contribute financially is a life choice that requires balance of energy and positive thoughts.

Energy 4 Life© Wellness Coaching can transform mother’s lives and create lasting change. It has the power to change her thoughts, increase her vibration and bring abundance into her life. It can help mothers remember their passion and purpose through managing personal energy, living life from a new perspective and a new place of appreciation. With E4L© women and mothers can start living from a more authentic place, acting on their spiritual and emotional intelligence and thought power instead of relying on physical effort for results.

A Natural, Holistic Approach to Modern Day Living

Energy 4 Life© Wellness Coaching is a progressive holistic approach created by founder and my teacher Caroline Shola Arewa, bringing together over 30 years of her extensive background in yoga, complementary medicine and spirituality. E4L© facilitates rapid transformation in getting people from where they are now to where they want to be, helping people towards a more expansive vision of life while supporting them to live more meaningful and purpose filled lives. Most people already know what they want in life and simply need some support to make their dreams a reality. One must commit, while trusting themselves and trusting how their personal journey unfolds.

Energy 4 Life© is a conscious living programme that can benefit mothers and their families and move them towards living a more fulfilling life, through activating and elevating their core energy and chakra system. It is a beautiful combination of ancient Eastern, contemporary Western practices and progressive coaching that can help reclaim wholeness, manage personal energy and support a lifestyle beyond enhanced health to live with purpose.

Here are my four tips on how mothers can benefit from Energy 4 Life© Wellness Coaching:

1) Stress = Time to Put the Brakes On

Energy Exercises: Re-energise your body with practices based on yoga and qigong.  These are generally gentle yin movements that can be done separately. Keep energy flowing between the chakras and elements, whilst at the same time cultivating an awareness of body, mind and spirit and influencing them for a greater sense of wellbeing.

Mothers can burnout easily juggling between everyone’s needs and feeling exhausted, stressed and over-worked. Caffeine or sweets can further elevate glucose and insulin levels, which are already out of sync due to stress. Rather than feeding her body with stimulants that trigger the fight-or-flight response, of the sympathetic nervous system, she can nourish her body with Energy Exercises that will sustain her body and energy levels throughout the day. Not effectively using your energy can affect your health, putting your body in dis-ease. By moving the body with Energy Exercises this can greatly help to ‘neutralise’ the high-alert stress state and return hormones and metabolic changes back to balance.

2) Positive Thoughts = Expand and Enrich Your World  

Energy Psychology:  Release stress and free the mind from any trauma, negative emotions or attachments and that which no longer serves you, transforming energy so that you live a more fulfilling life. For example, grief restricts energy in the throat chakra (longing) while fear restricts energy in the legs and feet (root chakra). Everyday we produce as many as 50,000 thoughts, where our mindset governs our actions leading to the results of our life. As discovered with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water (see photo below) we see how the power of our thoughts can affect our bodies. Thoughts carry energy throughout our entire being; every positive thought has the power to propel you in the right direction.

Mothers may constantly think to herself ‘I never have time for myself’, which ultimately becomes her reality, leaving no time to rest, relax and restore her energy.  She may struggle to find balance between the office, home and family and to carve out quality ‘me’ time. But with positive affirmations she can change her negative self –talk, elevate her energy , influence her general outlook on life, and start to manage her time more effectively. ‘Energy follows thought’ is one of the basic laws of nature and thereby with our thoughts we have the capacity to change our lives. Our subconscious mind accepts whatever we chose to believe.

3) Colourful Diet = Vibrant Energy 

Energy Foods:  Explores raw foods, juicing, which foods to decrease/increase, and incorporating a rainbow diet to increase high energy and nutritional quality. When we abuse our energy by over-eating or consuming the wrong foods it can negatively impact on all parts of our being. Food plays a major role in the stimulation of the mind, and can also influence stress and illness. Energy Foods can help you raise your energy, increasing and maintaining health with choices that demonstrate acts of love rather than acts of major destruction. Eating organic foods is aligned with a high-energy diet as it contains less pesticide and other toxic residues, allowing a higher nutritional content and better taste. Certain coloured foods also resonate with corresponding chakras having both a physiological and energetic affect.

Mothers may feel run down, tired and burnt out may find it challenging to eat properly, which keeps her energy low throughout the day. She can eat red foods (root chakra) such as tomatoes, strawberries, or beets to help boost her energy levels and body temperature. Or she may eat green foods (heart chakra) such as a green juice or large salad for rejuvenation, allowing the live enzymes, oxygen and chlorophyll to combat anxiety and stress. Everyone will be different and there is no one size fits all as food and diet are very individual. Children need food to support tremendous growth while adults need food for daily activities, maintenance and repair.

4) Self-Regulate = Heal Yourself

Energy Balance: Relaxes and calms helping create mindful relaxation through mediation and breathing techniques alongside hands-on bodywork to allow energy to flow more freely, balance the autonomic nervous system and increase your vibration to a more harmonious state. Our bodies have the power to self-regulate, heal and balance the chakras given the right conditions.  The mind and body are not separate as we tend to hold emotions in different parts of our body.

Mothers may find it stressful to manage the family’s needs and her children’s daily activities while juggling professional work, resulting in pain, illness or dis-ease. She must realise that stress is not her enemy but rather a symptom that indicates that her body is over burdened with too many chemicals, adrenalin, and stimulants.  Her body is literally telling her to stop, slow down and allow time to rest, restore, and reenergise. Mothers need to put as much energy in as they put energy out by learning new ways to take care of themselves.

Everyday Your Life is a Miracle

How do you want to live your life now?

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