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“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.” ~ Thomas Merton


You never know where life will bring you and when it comes full circle you realise just how beautiful it truly is. It’s definitely about the journey, not the destination. As a mother of two, nine years living abroad and five years on a wellness path, I’ve learned the one constant in life is change. It hasn’t been easy, but looking back I can see clearly now the divine purpose and presence in our lives. It’s now my intention that my story inspires others to find the courage to change their lives too.

The last few years for me have been about opening my mind and heart to a new perspective, ideas and people whilst creating an ever-expanding capacity for love and joy. I became more willing to receive, trust and have faith in others and myself.

My serendipitous encounter with SERENE Social, a women’s wellness community, contributed to my awakening and I wanted to share this story with you.

I met SERENE and founder Millana Snow in May 2013 during their staple event, rooftop yoga at the James Hotel in New York. It was incredible to meet like-minded women in the city. I kept regularly in touch with Millana, following their exciting events and hoped that they bring the community to London.

In January 2014 I took their online course “Get Thankful” and became very inspired by this gratitude practice to work with SERENE. I became their London Lead and in May 2014 we launched our first event at the Evolve Wellness Centre in South Kensington (London).

Shortly after, I met Laura Jollit who at the time worked as Events Manager for the French restaurant Coq d’Argent in the City. She shared SERENE’s common vision of gathering women in a more holistic way through conscious networking and events.  In June 2014, we successfully launched SERENE London’s first rooftop yoga series collaborating with amazing partners such as Sweaty Betty and Neal’s Yard Remedies. SERENE was well received, as the city of London also believed in the power of women communing through purposeful events. The series garnered press in Time Out London, The Evening Standard, FT and InStyle – just to name a few. Following that success we launched a winter rooftop series on their indoor patio collaborating with wellness partners Liforme and Movement For Modern Life.

Despite this impressive debut, the winter of 2014 came at a fragile time for me as my father’s health quickly deteriorated and he was put on hospice care. It was then that I made two very conscious and life-changing decisions to: 1) step down as SERENE’s London Lead and 2) move to Barcelona. I knew the only way I could fully be present every month in Los Angeles at this critical time with my father and family was to leave my SERENE position and community I so lovingly worked hard to create and build. And after nine amazing years in London I finally agreed with my husband to take a leap of faith and relocate our family. 

For the entire year of 2015,“No regrets” became my daily affirmation as I truly began living from the inside out making choices based in love, not based in fear. I didn’t know how each day would progress. There were moments I’d think, “What’ll happen to my father?” “Will I find the strength and courage to work again?” “Am I making the best decision for my entire family in leaving London?” Thankfully to my daily spiritual practices of gratitude, meditation and yoga I was able to become mindful, appreciating every moment, riding the wave of life’s uncertainty with more love, grace and ease. This better, positive quality of thought, interaction and action reflected in all aspects of my life – and continues to do so. By listening to what I was feeling and tuning into my experiences, my mind and heart became more open and ready to what was happening, embracing life in a different way.  Sadly my father passed away in June, but his life and legacy inspired me to take a chance on life and now more than ever my mission is to inspire and encourage others towards a more purpose filled life, empowering my clients to live with more grace, love, and gratitude.

Last month I was beautifully reunited with Laura at the one-year anniversary of Hub Dot Barcelona as we’re both enjoying this new chapter in our lives in this amazing city. This precious moment reminded me just how strung together we are as women. Laura inspired me when she took a leap of faith for change by moving to Barcelona 6 months before us. So even through the pain and grief I was willing to step outside my normal limits and viewpoints to see and experience the world in a different way. How wonderful that through our unique stories of change we have the gift to inspire and uplift each other to live more authentically and purposefully. I am grateful to SERENE and Hub Dot for sharing a global, common vision of bringing women together in a more conscious way. May you too trust that the world is safe, the universe has your back and know that you are the director and the producer of your life.

As always, I’d love connecting with you and hear about how you’ve experienced alchemy in your life. Head over to the comments section below to share your thoughts.

With love and gratitude,

Leslie xx

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