6 Ways to Trust the Timing of Your Life

“When you learn that you can trust life, life will deliver treasures beyond your imagination.” – Debbie Ford

In life there is never a dull moment… just when you think things are going the way you want, BAM something changes. After moving across the pond to London from Los Angeles, getting married, and just about to re-launch my career abroad, life had something else planned for me. I became pregnant and quickly realised my life would never be the same compared to that of my former life “B.C.” (Before Children). Although I made the conscious choice to be a stay-at-home-mum to enjoy my children, there were moments I did experience an internal battle between what I wanted to do, and what I thought was best for me. There were times I found it hard to trust if I was ready to be a young mother and that my career was going back on the shelf as I had to turn down a job offer. I sometimes had doubts about life’s timing.

Fast-forward today as a mother of two and entrepreneur (a.k.a. mumpreneur), I cannot imagine my life any other way. Yes, hands down,  being a mother is the most demanding job I’ve ever done. But it’s also the most rewarding and beautiful job as my children show and teach me how to be present, be patient, be generous, and most importantly, what it truly means to love unconditionally.

From my own personal experience and with my coaching clients, I strongly believe that everything we endure in our lives is meant to help us become more of ourselves on the other side. Everything we approach or everything we face, whether planned or unplanned, is really designed to make us more, not less.

You may not have all the answers right away but the truth is that none of us ever do. Part of the journey is simply that – to go with the flow and experience life. In doing so you may ask yourself, “How do I trust the process and the timing of my life?” “What do I do?” or “How do I get refocused?” 

Here are six ways to start being at peace with the timing of your life:

1.    Be present. Take a deep breath, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Repeat twice more and then breathe normally. Focus on your breath and this will instantly bring you to the present moment. Notice that with every breath things change.

2.    Give thanks. Acknowledge where are you are now, what it took to get you here and say “Thank you for my beautiful life, thank you, thank you, thank you”. In shifting your vibration and changing your perspective you will begin to see the blessings.

3.    Stay open. Remember that life is all about learning. Be curious to experience a different way of doing or being, with yourself and with others.

4.    Be Receptive. Sit in silence to just be with yourself and your thoughts. Listen to what your own inner guidance system is trying to tell you. Start with just five minutes everyday for one week and then try gradually increasing this over time.

5.    Have faith. Know that everything is unfolding as it should and one day you’ll be able to look back and connect the dots. Keep a journal to track your accomplishments and lessons learned.

6.    Shift energy. Repeat a daily positive affirmation to stay positive and keep your vibration high. Create one that resonates for you and what you want to embody. Here are some examples:

•    I allow others to support me.
•    It is safe for me to honour my needs first.
•    My gifts are beautiful.
•    I am safe.
•    It is safe for me to choose; every choice is an opportunity.
•    When I listen to my intuition, I make good choices.

Remember to listen and trust what it is you need and the rest will follow. Whatever you decide may your choices be rooted in love and not fear. May you know your life is contributing, in your own way, to the evolution of consciousness and that somehow your life will incrementally create a better world.

As always, I’d love connecting with you and hear about how you’ve been able to trust and enjoy the timing of your life. Head over to the comments section below to share your thoughts.

With love and gratitude,

Leslie xx

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