Get Comfortable in Your Own Skin

“Ride the energy of your own unique spirit.” – Gabrielle Roth

In a growing world of multiculturalism and a melting pot of cultures, being comfortable in your own skin can sometimes be difficult to do. I myself, as a patchwork of Filipino-Caucasian American and just recently becoming British, have authentically learned how to come to grips with the multiplicity of psychological, social and emotional challenges. What I’ve seen and experience, day in and day out, as a world traveller and expat of nearly ten years, is that although connected as human beings, we each have our own unique expression that brings such authentic beauty to share in this world. And it’s up to you, individually to discover, embrace and embody your uniqueness. But growing up, this realisation did not come easy for me. I struggled to get comfortable in my own skin.

Growing up of mixed heritage meant at times struggling with my identity and finding it hard to be at peace. As I didn’t fit in with any one particular group, often times I asked myself, “Who am I?” “What am I?” I had to constantly, consciously step out of my comfort zone and engage myself even more in my environment. Now looking back I truly acknowledge and appreciate how being multi-cultural was a beautiful advantage, not a disheartening disadvantage. Being able to relate to a variety of contexts and environments served me (and continues to) well in broadening my awareness and opening my heart to compassion for the world at large. From being different and getting comfortable in my own skin, I’ve been able to not only survive but thrive as an expat and mother to two even more beautifully diverse children. Fast-forward today, my immense melting pot of culture and life experiences makes me well equipped to serve my international clients and students as a wellness and life coach, yoga teacher and motivational speaker.

In order to be successful in our demanding and global environment it’s important to recognise, accept and appreciate the differences that exist between people of different cultures. But most of all it’s important to first see the beauty that resides in you, in your God-given talents and share these with the world. Here are my five top tips on living from that authentic place and being comfortable in your own skin:

1. Be real. Get clear about who you are and what is the deepest desire of your heart and soul. You get to choose who you are – what other people say or believe about you does not define you. Experiment and do the things that nourish your soul – dance, write, paint or whatever keeps you in a flow of exploration and creation.

2. Love yourself. Give yourself full permission to let go of any self-limiting beliefs. Stop comparing as no one culture or way of doing is inherently better or worse than another. Bring your energy out of contraction and into a state of expansion by accepting and loving all facets of who you are.

3. Stretch yourself. Be open to push yourself out of the box and engage the world differently. By shifting your mindset and habits you will begin to experience the world differently and progress in your growth and transformation.

4. Get connected. Update your vision of how you see yourself and how you’re being seen. Whatever you see and admire in someone else, trust that you have that in yourself. From that positive projection start to connect, feel and ask yourself “How can I embody that in myself?” 

5. Live passionately. Be kind and compassionate to yourself by stepping more authentically into who you are. Live from a place of curiosity and joy. Know that you’re amazing and trust that there’s nothing wrong with you.

Ultimately being comfortable and congruent in your own skin is an inside job. Internal work is often undervalued but it’s the most powerful. As you continue seeing yourself and the world whole I invite you to relish in the unique expression of love and beauty that you are and continue to shine your light bright and share your gifts with the world.

As always, I’d love connecting with you and hear what works for you in getting comfortable in your own skin. Head over to the comments section below to share your thoughts.

With love and gratitude,

Leslie xx

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