Heal Your Home, Your Children and Yourself

“Life is not merely being alive, but being well.” – Marcus Valerius Martialis

Home sweet home. After spending ten days traveling from London to Los Angeles and back to Barcelona, I was inspired to re-post my top home healing tips published nearly two years ago to the day, as some family and friends are in a new home or about to move home while others just had a baby or pregnant with baby. I believe as parents, sometimes, it’s easier to make conscious efforts for our son or daughter before we even think about doing it for ourselves. Every day as mothers or fathers we try our best in giving our children a great start in life. And hopefully from this parent awareness we can treat our own body, our temple, with the same respect and self-care as we begin living from the inside out.

It’s my intention you too are encouraged to take the time to heal your home just as you would to heal your children and heal yourself. Our home is a reflection of ourselves. We’re connected to it, emotionally and spiritually. And in the same way that our bodies need healing, our homes need healing too. Healing your home can reduce the toxins in your home and can greatly improve the health and wellness of you and your family. In using a holistic approach you can transform your home into a safe and sacred space that’s as free as possible from toxins and in harmony with the environment.

In the West we can spend up to an amazing 90 percent of our time indoors, but at the same time, our indoor environment can be up to 2-5 times, occasionally up to 100 times, more polluted than our outdoor one, full of toxic substances and devices that are a long-term risk to our health.

In the last four decades we’ve seen a tremendous increase in industrialisation and chemicalisation. There’s also been a growth in rates of autism, asthma, ADHD, obesity, diabetes, birth defects, infertility and cancer, and these two things are not coincidental.  As consumers, we spend billions each year on dieting, exercise and health treatments. But our efforts are in vain if we don’t focus on the environment we value most – our home.

Combining my certification from the International Institute for *Building Biology & Ecology (IIBBE) together with my six years of research and personal experience, I’ve learned there are many things you can do to detox your home. Here are my top 10 tips that you can do today to start a journey towards cleaner living:

  1. Take off your shoes! Leave your shoes at the door, drastically reducing the pesticides, other chemicals and dirt that you track indoors. Residual of toxic chemicals may last for years in carpets. Go barefoot or wear slippers.
  2. Keep the air clean. Make a habit to open windows daily to ventilate. Add houseplants to purify the air and emit positive energy. Use essential oils, fresh flowers or incense to add a pleasant and natural room scent. Have your air ducts and vents cleaned with nontoxic cleaners.
  3. Switch to natural cleaning products. You can buy these, or make your own with kitchen staples and essential oils. These don’t damage your health or the environment as much, and work as well as mass-marketed products. Read the labels.
  4. Switch to natural beauty products. Hair products, toothpaste, deodorant and cosmetics are loaded with toxins. The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs up to 70 percent of the topically applied products, which interact with the rest of the body, so remember to read the labels.
  5. Use plastics wisely. Avoid eating, drinking and storing food in plastic. For safer alternatives use glass or stainless steel instead. Choose baby bottles made from glass. Stay away from children’s toys marked with a “3″ or “PVC”.
  6. Get rid of your microwave. It depletes food’s nutritional value, and carcinogenic toxins can leach out of your plastic and paper containers and into your food. Plan ahead, cook with fresh organic ingredients and rewarm food on the stovetop.
  7. Tell the dry cleaner not to use plastic wrap. Or alternatively, remove it as soon as possible. The plastic traps the dry cleaning chemicals on clothes and in your closet. Let your dry cleaning air out outside before storing it.
  8. Keep house dust to a minimum. Mop all surfaces at least once a week to reduce indoor toxins. Use a HEPA filter vacuum to capture the widest range of particles and get rid of allergens.
  9. Avoid excess moisture. This prevents mould and mildew. Check areas for moisture accumulation or leaks, particularly basements. Especially in kitchens and bathrooms, clean surfaces where mould usually grows and control humidity through proper ventilation.
  10. Keep your bedside EMF free. We spend a third of our lives in bed (and a third of us suffer from sleeping disorders), so it makes sense to make our sleeping area healthy. Do not charge your mobile phone or place the baby monitor next to you or baby’s head. Use a battery-operated alarm clock. Turn off and unplug everything electrical in your sleeping area.

*IIBBE is based on the principles of Bau-Biologie® (Building Biology), which is the holistic study of the effects of building structures on our physical, mental and spiritual health. Buildings are considered a third skin, and thereby seen as a living organism whose moisture, temperature, air, electrical and water systems must be regulated.

As always, I’d love connecting with you and hear how you’ve healed our home to heal yourself and/or your children. Head over to the comments section below to share your thoughts.

With love and gratitude,

Leslie xx

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