{Video} How to Make the World a Better Place

“Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.”~ Brene Brown

It’s nearly one year to the day, my father, William Keeler, passed away on June 14th, 2015. How fitting it was to share my story about how his passing directly influenced and inspired me to be of greater service in this world. Last night while speaking at Hub Dot London’s event “Making the World a Better Place”, at the magical Petersham Nurseries, something happened that’s never happened before. At one point I blanked and forgot what I was supposed to say next. I knew my story, my speech, so how could this have possibly happened to me? I’ve spoken on stage before, I’ve led classes and workshops, and facilitated retreat – surely this should not have been any different right? Well it was.

This is a topic so near and dear to my heart. And on the anniversary of my father’s passing it meant the world to me, as I promised by his dying bedside that I would devote my life to serving others. I promised that as a coach, yoga teacher, writer and speaker I would help make this world a better place by helping as many people to also find peace and infuse balance, to live with grace and ease through life’s chaos. I had travelled nearly 1,000 miles, from Barcelona to London, to share my story, because it’s through our vulnerability we can experience the deepest and most authentic connection with others and to ourself, ultimately making the world a better place. And so it’s with my heart-felt intention that you or someone you know may be inspired and encouraged from my story.

Click the video below to hear me speak about how we all can make the world a better place, inside and out.

A heart-felt “Thank You” to Simona and the Hub Dot team for the opportunity to inspire and connect through sharing my story.

As always, I’d love connecting with you and hear about how you’re making the world a better place or your experience of staying vulnerable. Head over to the comments section below to share your thoughts.

With love and gratitude,

Leslie xx

Ten years as an American expat in Europe, Leslie knows what it takes to overcome the challenges to create a new and happy life.  As an international Coach, Yoga Teacher, Writer, and Speaker she guides others to live a stress free life. A Los Angeles native, she lives in Barcelona with her French husband and two children. To find out more about Leslie and her work click here.

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