Reinstate Your Power by Getting Your Own Perspective

Many of us have become robotic. Like clockwork, first thing in the morning you might check your emails, your social media or turn on the TV and consider what might happen, what should you be afraid of, or what disease you might catch. Your day is constantly driven by the thoughts and actions (aka perspective) of others. And on top of that, throughout the day you may feel overwhelmed from your hectic job, endless to-do lists and demanding friends and family. Does any of this ring a bell?

It’s no wonder how common we feel disconnected from our inner self, leading to symptoms of anxiety and fear. From the moment we wake up and sometimes until the moment we go to sleep we live and breath stress. We take things at face value rather than filtering and using our own mind and heart.

We’ve become so influenced with the constant barrage of information that we no longer trust ourselves. We’re an over-stimulated culture, disconnected to Mother Earth and drained energy. Don’t get me wrong. Technology and information is wonderful and powerful in its own right – I enjoy my iPhone and staying virtually connected around the world. But too much can be unhealthy.

So how can we re-connect back to ourself?

How do we reinstate our power and get our own perspective?

Can we live a more stress-free life in a stressful world?

From doing massive work on myself and with hundreds of clients, I believe to live a balanced life we must use our own inner guidance (aka intuition, inner voice).

You must consciously filter the outer world information by having a presence of the present moment. From this awareness you can hear what you really, honestly need (not want) and begin to trust yourself and trust the universe. You un-complicate your experience as you allow life to ebb and flow naturally into place.

By tapping in to your intuition (aka your power) you can begin letting go of the fears and anxiety and rather:

 Experience an ease and flow to life

– Enjoy deeper connections and more significant relationships

– Develop inspiration and creativity to solve life’s challenges

– Make better and quicker decisions

Removing and modifying both physical and mental stressors (aka toxins) may not be easy. Which is why most people choose an easy way out, focusing on physical symptoms only. I get it. It’s taken me many hours and money investing in myself to be where I am today. But above it all it’s taken a massive commitment to my health and my happiness. Because the truth is that,

anything worthwhile takes time and effort.

When you consciously filter and choose what you take on you develop the ability to ride the waves of life’s uncertainty with grace and ease. The choice is yours.

You always have a choice – on and off your mat.

Next time you’re “plugged in”, I invite you to ask yourself and really FEEL,

Does this resonate with who I am?

Does this feel right to me?

Still unsure how to drown out the voice of others and tap into your own inner guidance? Then we should talk. It’s my passion as a teacher and coach to empower others with tools to thrive amongst the chaos and live a life in love.

As always, I’d love connecting with you and hear how you’re getting a whole new perspective in life. Head over to the comments section below to share your thoughts.

With love and gratitude,

Leslie xx

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