{Video} How to Embrace Change in Your Life Now

Welcome to Part 4/4 Facebook Live series “I’m Paying it Forward” where I pull back the curtain on the tips, tools and life hacks I’ve learned after over a decade of working with some of the top healers, teachers and coaches in this world and have successfully used with myself and with my clients.

This Facebook Live series was inspired by a dear family friend, Mariane, who transitioned on Februrary 26, 2017. It’s because of her I’m able to do what I do today and be of service in this world as a coach, yoga & meditation teacher, writer and speaker. For many years she took great care of my children and my home while I committed to my personal and professional growth through numerous trainings, workshops and retreats. This is in dedication to her life and legacy. May she rest in peace. And may you be inspired and encouraged to LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE…NOW.

Because at the end of the day none of know how much time we have on this earth.


Many of us fear change, which is absolutely normal. Instead of taking action we freeze and paralyse in the face of fear, feeling that the unknown is scarier than the misery of the known. But all this in-action coupled with stress and anxiety is what ultimately leads to our suffering.

Because the truth is is that growth doesn’t happen within our comfort zone.

From my own personal experience and coaching clients I’ve witnessed time and time again that it’s within making change and taking action that spurs the catalyst for growth and opportunity.

You cannot expect external shifts to happen in your life when there’s no internal shift.

I invite you to keep shifting your perspective, embrace change and stop living a life based on other people’s definition of happiness.

Are you ready to embrace change now and begin to experience YOUR life more beautifully?

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With love and gratitude,

Leslie xx

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