Ibiza Bound! Hear From Someone Who Said YES and is Coming Back to Retreat

For years I’ve dreamed of sharing the magical island of Ibiza, which I’ve come to know (eight times) for over a decade, even when I was still living in Los Angeles. So I’m thrilled to facilitate a retreat this summer on this beautiful Balearic island. It’ll be full of magic, beauty, healing and fun. I announced it less than three weeks ago and it’s already half full from people ALL around the world!

Instead of me telling you more about the retreat, I asked one of my past retreat participants Martin to be a guest blogger today and share about his experience.

I love trying new things, but I can deprive myself out of a sense of obligation to work, my finances, or for other people. Before scheduling the retreat, I felt indecisive, unsure this would be for me, and I had manufactured a few reasons why it might be problematic. Leslie easily coaxed me through my concerns on Skype in a way that allowed me to see I had gotten in my own way. So I went ahead and made plans.

This was the first such retreat I ever joined. I felt at home right away despite the lack of familiarity.

Throughout the retreat, Leslie’s group coaching helped me focus on myself, share with the group and feel really connected with myself and others. And the daily rhythm of yoga, meditation, healthy tasty food, Reiki healing, sunshine, and smiles provided a splendid foundation for renewal and redirection.

I learned I like Leslie’s coaching style. She’s good. Because of a short conversation with her, I discovered I like yoga retreats. And I’m joining Leslie again on her retreat in Ibiza this June.

Looking back about 7 or 8 years ago, I can now see I vaguely began to look for something – some change, something missing, something different. No thing about this was clear or close to the surface then, but I simply felt things were not the way I wanted them in my life.

Fast forward to 2016: I had completed an intense meditation course in March and I had decided to give myself a boost with a course or retreat a few times each year.

The experience of Leslie’s retreat last year solidified this new habit of setting time aside for myself, something I do daily now. This daily practice helps me be more aware and deliberate – feeling more and steering more than before to make my life more the way I want. Here is what I learned that I still try to practice:

(1) do new things
(2) do them outdoors
(3) do them together with good people
(4) move my body
(5) do not doubt (this one’s the hardest)

Are you unsure about things like this?

Or is there something you want to do that seems like a good idea, but something else always takes priority?

Speak with Leslie.

Leslie’s retreat was an extraordinary experience for me. Leslie’s caring and gentle texture together with her focus on details about people, atmosphere, food and accommodation helped me to renew my energy and reset intention in a few days.

I imagine it would be for you too, this summer in Ibiza.

I’m always moved by the connection I see between retreat participants and I’m filled with gratitude to see the healing, growth and transformation that takes place. Last year my retreat was in Barcelona. So I know the magic that will happen in Ibiza will be off the charts amazing.

Come to nourish yourself. Come to relax. Come for healing. Come to connect back to you. Come be supported and up level your life. Where ever you are in your journey you will be met with so much magic and so much love from the island and from me. Click here for more details.

If your intuition is nudging you right now, I encourage you email me NOW at leslie@lesliesaglio.com to apply.

As always, I’d love connecting with you and hear about your experience of saying “YES” to yourself and how it’s changed your life . Head over to the comments section below to share your thoughts.

With love and gratitude,

Leslie xx

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