7 Mindful Tips to Enjoy Your Wanderlust and Travel Now

Let’s face it, travel can be downright stressful. Especially travelling with kids, sometimes I find myself saying when arriving back home “I need a holiday from the holiday”. But if you’re anything like me, then this won’t stop you.


From a young age I’ve always had wanderlust and been a seeker at heart – from travelling throughout the United States in my teens, to Asia in my university days and more recently now living and travelling within Europe. I simply love to experience and embrace all that the world has to offer.

At the end of the day, once you’ve done all the packing, got through customs, did the long (or short) haul flight, and you finally arrive at your destination, at this different corner of the world…it’s SO worth it!


Whether you’re travelling for pleasure or business, you’re more likely to take in your surroundings, compared to your average day at home. A different routine allows the wonderful opportunity to practice being more mindful and be present.

As you navigate unfamiliar territory, you’re forced to appreciate your day-to-day, and begin to look at life from a different perspective, ways that often gets overlooked in your normal routine.


Here are my top seven tips to help you enjoy your wanderlust and travel a bit more mindful:


  1. Keep an open mind. Travelling allows a wonderful opportunity to step out of your normal routine and surroundings. With this newfound freedom start to free and clear your mind for something new to come into your life. With an open mind you’ll discover new ways of thinking, seeing and being in this world. You’ll have a greater awareness of the world and your place within.


  1. Prepare for kids. To keep your calm on flight and in transit make sure you have plenty of snacks and activities for your little ones. A familiar food will come in handy if they don’t like the airplane food. Have a variety of entertainment because you just never know what they’ll feel like doing when the time comes. Anything from play-doh, colouring, sticker books, reading books, and of course a DVD player with their all-time favourite cartoons/movies will be a life-saver 36,000 feet in the air!


  1. Embrace the differences. Give yourself permission to immerse in the culture. With each day aim to try something new – whether that’s a type of food, speaking the language, or doing a certain activity. This is all part of the adventure; enjoy and celebrate the beautiful differences. If you truly want to be a mindful traveller, you must be willing to be present with the complete foreign experience.


  1. Hang with locals. There’s always such a much bigger experience when visiting a new place with a local. They can offer a bigger perspective on what life is truly like and give incredible insights and recommendations that you may not discover otherwise.


  1. Get still. Travel usually means your schedule (and world literally) can be turned upside down, so maintaining a practice of mindfulness can be difficult. Block off some sacred time in the morning first thing when you wake up, even if it’s just for five minutes. Sit in silence and perhaps journal your thoughts and experiences so far; these can help to maintain your mental well-being while away.


  1. Enjoy freedom. With an open mind and the freedom to explore, you can fully live in the now while travelling. Whether you’re visiting new city just miles from home or you’re in a completely different country, enjoy the freedom the adventure brings. Let go of your limiting beliefs and bask in the freedom to make whatever decisions you choose and feel incredibly liberated. I encourage you not to have an itinerary for one day or even just one hour and see where the day takes you. Some of your most memorable moments can be those not planned, completely spontaneous and off-piste.


  1. Combat jet lag. With the world split in 24 different time zones this could be the most challenging. No matter how prepared you may be jet lag can completely affect the outcome of your travel experience. Upon arrival the biggest recommendation is to spend as much time outdoors as the exposure to daylight will help you adjust more quickly.


The next time you think twice about booking that trip because of the stress it might entail I invite you remember these useful tips for more a mindful travel. Through a practice of mindfulness you can learn to become more present in every moment and experience a more fulfilling trip.


Enjoy all this beautiful world has to offer.


And above all remember…

You can’t get back time.


Take the chance to wanderlust.

The time is now.


As always, I’d love connecting with you and hear your experience of wanderlust and how you travel more mindful. Head over to the comments section below to share your thoughts.



With love and gratitude,

Leslie xx

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