White Ibiza: Talking Wellness and My Summer Retreat

This week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by White Ibiza, the travel and lifestyle guide for the island. I share about my journey into wellness, what you can experience retreating with me and why Ibiza. Read on for the original article.

The fast-paced nature of the modern world means stress is in abundance, often caused by never ending to do lists, the dreaded words ‘have to’, endless commitments, plus juggling work and home life with friends and family. This glorification of being busy has led to a decrease in connection – with ourselves, with others and with nature. Los Angeles born wellness life coach and yoga instructor Leslie K. Saglio specialises in leading her clients on a path to mind, body and spirit clarity, via immersive retreats in the heart of nature here in Ibiza.

Leslie invites those who are looking to unplug and recharge from the demands and stress of life to join her on her Ibiza Wellness Retreat from June 24 to 29, 2017. Ideal for those seeking clarity on the direction they would like to take in life, for anyone looking to manage stress and anxiety and also for people looking to develop or deepen their spiritual practice and reconnect with themselves, the retreat is designed to create lasting change in participant’s lives. “My clients tend to be people that have put others before themselves for far too long at the expense of their own health and wellbeing,” Leslie explains. “They’re looking to drop the guilt trip and nourish themselves so they can fully support and enjoy the people and the life they love.”

It was personal experience that led Leslie to find her true calling as a wellness life coach, yoga instructor and Reiki energy healer. A business graduate, Leslie began her career as a budding marketing executive in the competitive entertainment sector before moving onto life as a real estate entrepreneur co- founding a successful mortgage company. By the tender age of 25, she had earned financial freedom, was a homeowner and drove a top of the range car. “It came at a cost,” she admits. “I worked really hard to get where I was and once I arrived, not only did I start to question that there must be more to life, I was also self-medicating myself daily with coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and sleeping pills just to get through my day.”

Coupled with witnessing her father and her best friend struck down by serious illnesses and subsequently passing away, Leslie began to seek a more holistic and healthy approach to her life, family and home. “These experiences were the catalyst to search for meaning,” she says. “It’s now with a deep and heartfelt passion that my life is dedicated in service to others, guiding people to move through this world with more grace, finding peace and infusing balance in their lives.”

Ibiza came into Leslie’s life in 2005, when she first visited the island for a holiday with her French husband. She felt an instant connection – one that deepened with regular visits over the next decade while they were living in London. “As soon as you land in Ibiza and your feet touch the ground, the energy is intoxicating,” she explains. “There’s a feeling of coming home, a sense of freedom and wanting to reconnect to yourself and connect with others.” Now based in Barcelona, being in such close proximity to her beloved white isle inspired Leslie to host her Ibiza Wellness Retreat in 2017.

“Ibiza has a real sense of healing that’s completely in touch with its spiritual side,” Leslie continues. “Nature is a big healer. And because Ibiza is a natural paradise, it has the power to heal as soon as you touch down.” Leslie’s home base for the six-day retreat is The Chettinad, a beautifully restored ancient Ibicenco finca complete with a luxurious swimming pool, Geodesic dome and numerous chill out spaces on the west coast of the island. “It is a beautiful fusion of old-meets-new Ibiza bohemian luxury and the perfect setting to retreat, relax and recharge,” she says.

Incorporating Vinyasa and Yin yoga, one-to-one wellness coaching, workshops, curated group activities such as sunset walks and healing gong baths, massages plus healthy and organic vegetarian meals prepared using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, Leslie’s Ibiza Wellness Retreat is all the things dreams are made of. Stress is left at the door, as guests are encouraged to take time for themselves, connect with each other and with Leslie, all the while experiencing all the beauty and magic Ibiza has to offer.

Describing her wellness coaching sessions as a blend of spiritual and practical, Leslie encourages and empowers clients to gain clarity on the consistent action they need to do to successfully get where they want to be in life. Challenging, yes – but that’s the point. “I believe to in order to have a real breakthrough and create lasting change one must be willing to face and overcome their fears by moving through them with love and compassion,” Leslie says of her methods. “I powerfully guide my clients to tune into and trust their own inner guidance with the peace, happiness and freedom to live a life they love.”

Daily group workshops on a variety of topics are held in the stunning Geodesic dome overlooking nature. “I facilitate a safe and sacred space for inspiration, healing, connection and transformation to help participants dig deep, gain insight and learn practical tools to take positive action towards their personal goals,” Leslie says. Twice daily yoga sessions – suitable for all levels – complement these sessions, a powerful experience that goes beyond the physical postures. “Yoga is so much more than just the physical postures most people know,” Leslie says. “It’s a way of being and living more consciously and mindfully. I believe it’s important that anyone and everyone has access to this beautiful and transformative practice and philosophy.”

“If I had to sum up the experience people can expect from retreating with me in one word I would say ‘connection’,” Leslie says of her Ibiza Wellness Retreat. “My intention is that participants will really feel and remember just how inter-connected everything is, connect with nature, with others and most importantly reconnect with themselves.” Understanding that integrating back into daily reality after such a powerful, transformative experience can be easier said than done, Leslie provides ongoing support by including a post-retreat individual coaching session in the cost of the programme. Due to the intimate nature of her Ibiza Wellness Retreat, spaces are extremely limited and in demand – contact Leslie directly on leslie@lesliesaglio.com for more information on pricing and to reserve your space.

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