Always Put Your Oxygen Mask on First: 9 Ways to Take Care of You

This past weekend as the plane is about to take off for Ibiza I hear over the intercom the familiar “You must always put on your oxygen mask first before helping others” and I chuckle to myself knowing that’s exactly what I’m about to do – have some quality time with my husband, sans children and absolutely no mom-guilt.

Ten years of marriage and two children later, I understand the challenges that come from juggling a multitude of responsibilities, which is why it’s SO important to remember you and remember your couple B.C. (Before Children).

So often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of parenthood and life in general. Taking some “QT” (quality time) can absolutely make you a better mom, a better wife, a better everything.

The flight attendant instructing us to put on our oxygen mask first, before helping others is a perfect metaphor for off the plane as well.

On an airplane, if you run out of oxygen, you can’t help anyone else with his or her oxygen mask. And off the airplane self-care and self-love is just as important.

For those who run around taking care of everything and everyone else except you this is an unhealthy and dangerous way to live.

Does life seem so fast paced that you can’t keep up?


Do you find yourself overwhelmed, overworked, and undervalued?


Are your relationships suffering because of it?


No matter how much you try, do you feel like all your efforts just aren’t good enough?

From personal experience and working with coaching clients, I’ve witnessed time and time again, that if we don’t take care of ourselves, this is how we can experience burnout, stress, anxiety, fatigue, reduced mental effectiveness, health problems, and the inability to sleep.

We live in a culture where it’s been drilled into us that bigger is better, where a lifestyle is created and based on looking good instead of feeling good – wealth over health.

Most people are too busy “doing”, checking everything single item off their to-do list, striving for the next best thing.

With all the striving for more, there’s an emptiness that comes from such a mindset. From this mindset stems a negative impact on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Speaking from first-hand experience, constantly in search of the next big thing, outside you, will never fill that feeling of emptiness.

That emptiness and true happiness can only be filled with all that is found within you.

When you learn how to reach in, instead of reaching out to people, places and things to solve your problems, your world will transform.

When you nourish yourself, that is the highest return on investment you can ever make – a far greater investment than any diamond ring or sports car you could ever own.

In giving yourself the time and space to take care of you, then and only then can you reconnect to the joy, love, and connection in your life, and most importantly in yourself – ultimately giving you the sense of emotional and spiritual care you’re looking for.

It’s time to let go of the guilt and the excuses.

Want to truly enjoy and support the life you love?

Here are my top 9 tips to help you put on your oxygen mask first:

  • Move your body. Whatever it is you enjoy try to do that at least 15 minutes everyday. Even just going for a walk outside can do wonders for your body and mind.
  • Eat right. It takes a lot of energy to digest food. Try to eat whole foods and organic as much as possible. When eating right the body is able to support an active lifestyle and optimal health.
  • Meditate. If you’re new to the practice start your morning with just sitting quietly for five minutes. Close your eyes and focus on your breath, then silently say to yourself “Let go” – inhale “let” exhale “go”. Try this guided meditation from me.
  • Read an inspiring book. There’s enough pessimistic news out there. Start and end your day by feeding your soul with positive and uplifting stories.
  • Write in your journal. Allow yourself to write whatever you’re feeling. This simple practice of writing things out is a great emotional release and can give clarity in your life.
  • Be thankful. There’s so much power in a practice of gratitude. End your day by writing down three things you’re grateful for – anything from the air you breathe, the Internet that keeps you connected to your parents that provided for you.

Remember, it’s not selfish to take care of yourself, it’s necessary!

As always I’d love connecting with you and hear how you are putting on your oxygen mask first and taking care of you. Head over to the comments section below to share.

With love and gratitude,

Leslie xx

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