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This week I continue to send thoughts, prayers, love and light around the world, from hurricane victims in the U.S. to those affected by terrorist attacks across Europe. I don’t know if we can ever truly explain why things happen in certain places or to certain people. But what I do believe is the power yoga can (and will) play a significant part in healing our planet and raising our collective consciousness.

In connecting to our breath, through yoga, we become more present. And when we become more present we have the innate power to drop the stress, the anxiety, the fear and the guilt. So much of our suffering is from worrying about the past or future, while being disconnected from our environment and ourselves.

Yoga, most especially yin yoga, helped me during the most painful time in my life. When my father started to transition with no more than six months to live, yoga was my saving grace. It allowed me to become more present, to release the guilt of “what could I have done more” and simply enjoy those last precious moments.

Now it’s my passion to help others heal and move through this chaotic world with more grace and ease.

This week I’m sharing three articles that were inspired by that very challenging time in my life and published on the U.S. top wellness lifestyle brand, Mind Body Green, with over 57K shares.

I’ve also just started a new yin yoga class. Whether you’re near or far I invite you to try this incredibly healing practice and explore the possibility of living with more peace and balance in your life now.

“Yin is a deeply healing and nourishing practice with profound physical, emotional and energetic effects. During challenging times in our lives, our emotions can deplete our bodies of energy. The nourishing practice of Yin yoga helps to restore that energy for overall wellbeing.

…Through a Yin practice, we allow ourselves the space and time to touch base with who we truly are, beneath the stories we’ve created about ourselves — beneath the tragedy. It is here where we can begin to live with more grace, strength and courage.”

To read the full Mind Body Green article click here 5 Ways Yin Yoga Will Transform Your Life with over 28K shares.

“When out of balance, we may physically experience fatigue, migraines, tight hips and low back pain. Emotionally, we may experience erratic emotions such as anger and frustration. When in balance, relief can come in the form of self-compassion, balanced emotions, flexibility to change, and letting go of frustrations. The liver has a huge impact on the overall health of your body, but also on the mind and emotional state.”

To read the full Mind Body Green article click here A Yin Yoga Sequence To Boost Your Metabolism & Restore Qi Flow with over 25K shares.

“Instead of beginning the first day of the new year with an excitement for new beginnings, I had lost my sense of hope. My husband and children were flying across the pond back to London but I stayed behind in Los Angeles to be with my father who was in intensive care. He was awaiting surgery for a debilitating condition.

But between the time I spent at the hospital I turned to my Yin yoga practice. As always, it became the lifeline that re-connected me with the power and strength to deal with the challenges I faced.”

To read the full Mind Body Green article click here 3 Ways Yin Yoga Can Help You Through a Crisis

NEW CLASS: I invite you to try this deeply nourishing and beautiful practice of yin yoga. Join me at the lovely Barcelona Well Woman Centre. And not to worry, both women and men are welcome 🙂 Spaces are very limited. To reserve your mat click here.

Much love and many blessings,

Leslie xx

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