I Could Have Never Been Born

3 days before my 38th birthday and I finally feel it’s okay (read: I’m okay) to share this story, because it’s my story. I share this very vulnerable slice of my life with the most heart-felt intention that it may inspire and encourage you or someone you love to finally free yourself from years, even decades, of fears and limiting beliefs.

I’m only sharing so much here.  The rest you’ll need to catch in my upcoming book ☺

First I just want to start by saying I love my mother and I love my late father dearly. I know deep in my heart that they did the best they could at the time, with the upbringing and resources they had.

And I strongly believe,

we all choose our parents in this lifetime to learn and spiritually evolve here on earth.

I also understand, as we grow older, most especially become parents ourselves, there’s another up leveling of growth for love and compassion.

Now back to my story.

For years I resented my mother for telling me this story and I questioned both my parents’ motives, as I lived with the painful perspective that “I was the one that wasn’t wanted nor loved” (so I believed).

When I was a teenager my mother shared with me that when she was pregnant with me it was during a very difficult time – juggling the demands with already 2 children. And to my surprise, she further went on to tell me how my father insisted she have an abortion with me.

Bless my mother, whom very religious and loved me before she even met me, couldn’t bring herself to do it.

It wasn’t until the day I was born December 19, 1979 that my father came back and came home to her and the family.

Through my blogs and co-authoring the Give Yourself Permission anthology most people already know how I made the very conscious intention to savour every moment with my dying father, flying back and forth from London to Los Angeles every month for eight months.

But what most people don’t know is that although he could no longer move or talk, it wasn’t until these last precious moments that I was finally able to truly see him for who he was,

to understand him instead of trying to be understood,

to be compassionate knowing he did the best he could at the time,

and to finally free myself from the limiting belief that I wasn’t wanted or loved.

Because the truth is, I was. He did love me. And he made sure he did his best from the moment I was born.

Thankfully to all my spiritual practices, my commitment to personal growth, and practical coaching tools I’ve done an immense amount of work, healing and forgiveness around this part of my life.

I was able to transform my pain and suffering to live a more meaning-full life.

Losing my father was the most painful time in my life. But it was also a time I experienced the most love and connection to him and to the universal truth that somehow every experience, even the ones that take us to the depths of our soul, are meant to evolve us as human beings.

Finally I was able to shift out of the perspective and negative limiting belief into a space of grace – a place of gratitude, peace, healing and forgiveness.

This is why I’m dedicated more than ever to help others, knowing that it’s absolutely possible to experience true and lasting peace, love and freedom.

And I would love for you to receive that too.

Because beautiful…

It’s NEVER too late to heal.
It’s NEVER too late to forgive.
It’s NEVER too late to love.
It’s NEVER too late.

I am…you are..we all are, love.

I am…you are…we all are, so loved.

As humans we learn through contrast, fear versus love, joy versus pain and so forth.

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