Ibiza Bound! Hear from a woman whose YES changed her life

Instead of me telling you about the retreat, I asked one of my past retreat participants (Jayne from New York) to be a guest blogger today and share about her experience. Here are her words:

Self-care is one of the things that often gets de-prioritized as we juggle the rigors of life that pulls us in so many directions simultaneously. We often don’t recognize the signs of burnout when it has already overtaken us and impacted our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state of balance and well-being.

Over the last 5 years my life flew by and evolved as I served many roles. I was promoted to VP of Sales role in data and analytics for the digital advertising industry traveling extensively; got engaged, planned a wedding and became a wife. At the end of 2015 I added a more precious title of Mother to a beautiful daughter and had a smooth pregnancy logging regular prenatal yoga and pilates sessions.

All of these are life achievements I’d gladly share on any job interview but the truth is it is not the full story.

The truth is in parallel to all of my achievements it ran parallel to my health also suffering for its cause.

Only after the birth of my daughter did my body finally shout back to “SLOW DOWN” quite literally.

My postpartum recovery was very arduous and I developed severe low back pain and sacrum hip pain that limited my ability to walk up one flight of stairs without wincing in pain. I was recommended to months of physical therapy while adjusting to new motherhood demand.

I knew it was time to re-think how I could continue on this new working mom life path forward because I knew the demands of motherhood would not stop.

I had to accept that my life had changed and so did my body.

I needed to press the “PAUSE” button on my life and reassess my own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual alignment because my life had shifted in so many ways.

I was yearning for a yoga retreat break and signed up for Leslie Saglio’s Ibiza retreat because I had dreamed of going to this island for years. My supportive husband looked after our daughter now 18 months old while I took an extra week after an international business trip to attend Leslie’s Ibiza retreat in June 2017.

It was time to truly check in with myself away from my home and work life rigor because I could feel myself becoming a shell of a person trying to juggle it all at warp speed. My body continued to struggle with chronic low back pain and sacrum issues.

The retreat provided me with a beautiful villa offering yoga twice a day which was the perfect start and end to each day and each workshop after the yoga sessions allowed us time to reflect on our life, be present and consider what we could visualize for our future.

As an optimist I knew the future is always bright but I had to re-frame my perspective now with a new identity shift as I was now a “Working Mother”.

The vegetarian meals were delightfully prepared and nourishing creating a sense of lightness.

The greatest relief was not only did I not have to cook the food or prep baby/infant meals but I didn’t have to clean any pots, dishes or empty a dishwasher – a welcomed break!

There were no piles of laundry curled up in a corner creating an eye sore.

Honestly, I had to disconnect to reconnect with myself.

I met some incredible people who gave me a new perspective on their journey in life thus far coming from various places in Europe and the US. This new perspective made me realize we all walk this earth carrying baggage from life and learn to cope and deal with our lives as best as we can.

Self-care is one of the ways for us to focus on what our body, our mind and our heart is ready to reveal as long as we are open and our intuition is aware.

Self-care takes re-prioritizing yourself at the top in order to become stronger and ever more present in your daily environments.

During the retreat I discovered more about my new self and got to learn what new goals my soul was calling for because I simply had finally given myself space to articulate them in my retreat journal and share them with strangers without judgment.

I experienced some amazingly profound things on this period of self-care check in that took my breath away expanding my consciousness and that I still relish in the memories which showed me the magic of this retreat on this island of Ibiza and the true power of giving yourself space for Self-Care.

Since returning, I left my job and took a six month sabbatical continuing on with the little spark that was lit in Ibiza.

Expanding this incredible journey of personal development, I now have my new prioritization and physical strength to not only pursue, but manifest my dreams into reality.

Jayne’s experience is not unique to her. I am consistently moved to tears of gratitude when I see the transformation that each retreat participant has. I know that what will happen in Ibiza will be off the charts amazing. The energy there is magical and the people (men & women) who have already signed up are extraordinary.

Come for healing. Come for play, Come for relaxation. Come to take yourself to the next level. Where ever you are in your journey, whatever you long for is available to you in Ibiza. Click here to check out more information and a video of highlights from last year’s retreat.

If your intuition is nudging you right now, I encourage you email me at leslie@lesliesaglio.com NOW to apply.

Much love and many blessings,

Leslie xx

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