Looking for a miracle? The SHIFT is here.

We’ve been taught to hide our deepest shame and our deepest darkness from both each other and ourselves. In fear of upsetting others and being shamed we’ve hid our emotions.

Many of us have learned to be who the world wants us to be. But there comes a time when it is harder to hold onto this façade than it is to embrace who we truly are.

The consequence? We never really trust our own feelings.

But when you can truly FEEL your deep emotions and learn to embody them completely – all parts of you- you will connect with your deepest power.

Wonder why you can’t shake the misery of your life when it looks so good on paper?

When are you going to realise that there’s nothing in the world anyone might ever give you, no matter how grandiose, that you can’t give yourself.

You cannot count on anyone to make you feel good; you must make that investment in yourself.

Using other people’s expectations in place of your own internal compass is because you’re directionless, not connected to your innate life force.

Beautiful Leslie, how would you feel if you no longer had to hold the big stuff at bay?

What would you do if you didn’t have to go on autopilot and simply get it done?

What would you do differently?

But most importantly how would you FEEL differently?

We each have a unique gift that only you can bring in this world. And the key to unlocking this gift is to cherish EVERY part of you and EVERY story with EVERY fibre of your being

Let go of who you once were or the things that you once defined yourself by – the job, the relationships, and the mask you wore and to embrace who you truly are now. Take the time to reassess and live in congruent with your deepest heart’s desire.

The quality of your life is up to you.

Are you ready to live a life that is based on YOUR dreams rather than the agenda other people have for you?

I would be honoured to help you or someone you love to move forward.

In celebration of life and on the anniversary of my father’s transition, I’ve created an exclusive offering, S H I F T, because I want you to experience the freedom and joy that comes from simple and consistent shifts in your thinking and actions.

Ready to experience the miracles in all aspects of your daily life, including your relationships, finances, body, and self-image?

In this program you’ll receive the tools, practices, love and guidance to release your fear and allow gratitude, forgiveness, and love to flow through without fail.

When you sign up for the S H I F T you’ll receive:

*All sessions must be take within 3 months of purchase at any frequency.
**Will ship to anywhere in the world

Early bird investment: Only €499!!!

That’s over €400 in BONUSES!!!

This incredible program has NEVER been offered before.

Early bird ends Sunday June 16th at 11:59pm CET! After that the investment goes up to €799

Sign up now.


Remember:  You hold the key to your own happiness and freedom. The S H I F T experience can support you to light up from within and step into your potential.

I see you Leslie. I feel you. I honour you, all that you have been, all that you are, and all that you will become.

Once you begin the S H I F T, your life will never be the same. The time is now.

Do you hear the call? Will you pick up or let it go straight to voicemail?

Say “YES” to YOU and sign up now.

Experience the miracles NOW.

Much love and many blessings,

p.s. If you know someone, a friend, colleague, or family member, that may benefit from the SHIFT program and working with me 1-on-1 please FORWARD this email and thank you for spreading the LOVE.

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