I nearly died this summer

I hope this letter finds you well. It’s been a while since I’ve dropped here. For the past six-months I’ve embarked on an intense trauma-informed and somatic-based training with four epic and world-renowned Master Coaches in the U.S.

Last week I graduated as a certified Master Coach. 

While not new to coaching (7 years & counting) and not afraid to go deep, having sat in multiple plant medicine ceremonies since 2013 (most recently 3 months ago…more on this later) and lover of all things mystical & spiritual, what most of you may not know is that in 2018 & 2019 I went even deeper.

I did DEEP sexual somatic work and this.changed.everything.

Not only did I FINALLY free myself from the shackles of past sexual trauma, but I also knew in my heart that somatics was the big piece missing in my coaching and how I could better serve my clients to experience profound and lasting change.

Cognitively we may think our way out of something, but the body remembers. About 95% of our life is determined by our subconscious mind – where childhood memories, suppressed emotions and trauma live…this is the power of somatics to truly heal trauma so that you can be free from your past and finally live an aligned, authentic and empowered life. 

These past six months have been life-changing – personally & professionally – and I cannot wait to share with you all what I’ve learned and been through, so that you (or someone you love) can experience how profound and transformative THIS work is.

This summer I also wrapped up my first Feminine Power & Purpose Immersion – a six months transformational intimate live experience with women from around the world – getting clarity and confidence so that they can step up and out more powerfully & profit from their purpose. The women’s feedback has been phenomenal!! Doors opening soon for the next Immersion…stay tuned!

AND…I nearly died this summer.

I had a major accident in Switzerland that required me getting helicoptered off the mountain to ER, broke multiple bones, few days later ambulance to the airport to fly back to Barcelona, and within days scheduled for emergency surgery. While the surgery itself was a success there was a post-surgery complication that led me to transfer hospital for another procedure, staying an additional three days before I was released home.

It was the most painful and challenging moment in my life…and I’ve been through some pretty painful & traumatic experiences.

While my “accident” brought some pretty big life lessons and blessings…it was because I consciously healed parts of my inner child and ancestral lineage (more on this later)…

And, I allowed myself to RECEIVE – to lean in, to ask for support/prayers, to be completely messy in my humanness and still be loved…to step more into my healthy FEMININE.

I showed up for myself…BIG time…in ways I didn’t even know were possible.

THIS is the work.

THIS is what it feels and looks like to have a Big Life & a Big Purpose.

THIS is why I’m dedicated, now more than ever, to coach women to unleash their FEMININE POWER so that they too can be happy & free to live a purposeful & pleasure-filled life.

Tomorrow Wednesday 22nd join me for my FREE LIVE training 3 KEYS TO TRIUMPH OVER TRAUMA

I’m sharing vulnerably my past traumatic experience as well as powerful practices and tools so that you can be resilient in the face of setbacks and come out on the other side even stronger.

Tomorrow Wednesday 22nd @ 6:00pm Barcelona | 5:00pm London | 12:00pm New York

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I’ve missed you and can’t wait to connect soon! 

Note: This event has already passed, but you are welcome to join us in our Facebook group, On Purpose Collective for our weekly breakthrough sessions and future masterclasses.


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