Are you blocking your own power?

The body remembers what the mind forgets.

In working with the mind-body connection, then and only then can we bring clarity and perspective to our past, old stories and trauma, to fully embody the power of the strength and gifts they bring us. 

As humans we experience life through contrast – pain vs joy, love vs fear…

And it’s the MEANING we give to our life experiences that ultimately decides HOW we experience life.

We always have a choice to be IN our power and to BE empowered.

Are you blocking your own power?

So you can be resilient in the face of setbacks and come out on the other side even stronger, in this week’s Purpose Breakthrough I share:

  • How I nearly died this summer
  • The 3 types of trauma
  • The 3 keys to triumph over trauma

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Note: This event has already passed, but you are welcome to join us in our Facebook group, On Purpose Collective for our weekly breakthrough sessions and future masterclasses.


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