Why it’s impossible to create a new & greater life

Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • Do you have a lack of trust in yourself + others?
  • Do you experience insecurity + low self-worth?
  • Do you have difficulty w/feeling + expressing your emotions?
  • Do you have a lack of boundaries?
  • Do you expect to be fixed or saved in your relationships? 

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, you are not alone.

These are the signs of a wounded inner child.

We all, to some degree, have unresolved pain and sadness of childhood, ultimately creating a lack of energy that can be available for the present.

As children, when we were not allowed to grieve, to be sad, or to be angry – the full breath of our emotions and the human experience – the energy becomes stuck and frozen.

This is why as adults we are triggered from something of our childhood that touches our past wounding and affirms a core belief from that wounding – making it impossible to create a new and greater life.

Our parents weren’t bad, they were just wounded kids themselves.

Because the greatest wound a child can receive is the rejection of his/her authentic self. When a parent cannot affirm their child’s feelings, needs and desires, he rejects that child’s authentic self. Then a false self must be set up – an adaptation, an act based on a script someone else wrote.

Without a healthy inner life & self-reference, one is exiled to trying to find fulfilment on the outside.

In this week’s Purpose Breakthrough I share 4 Ways to Heal Your Inner Child so that you can be free to move forward in your life.

Because it’s never too late to have a healthy childhood.

Note: This event has already passed, but you are welcome to join us in our Facebook group, On Purpose Collective for our weekly breakthrough sessions and future masterclasses.



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