I thought I’d look like Frankenstein

Distraught in pain and full of anxiety, I thought I’d be unwilling to show this part of myself again. From breaking bones to getting cut open, I thought I’d look like Frankenstein.

But here I AM.

After three months dedicated to my healing – between breathwork, coaching, meditation, acupuncture, energy healing, essential oils, functional medicine, and lots of prayer, here I AM vulnerable for all to see.
2 days ago in Ibiza

Poet Rumi said “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

And, I say it’s also where you will find your truth and your power.

Your wound is the very thing that will help you remember the love and beauty that already exists within you. But the only way is through allowing yourself to crack wide open and share yourself with others.

I know it’s hard. It feels freaking scary. But I promise you that it’s through bearing our soul that we can create the most incredible intimacy.

Do you want to increase the quality of your daily life?

Do you desire deeper and richer relationships?

From the moment we are born we experience emotions such as grief, betrayal, rage, and disappointment that keep our distance from those we truly want to be close with. Because of heartbreaking life experiences, we tend to subconsciously protect our hearts by building walls around them. 

Yet to have a life of meaningful intimacy means we must find the courage to melt the ice wall and expose our hearts to the world – a process that requires consciously opening your heart – everyday – choosing to reveal the light within you and receiving the light and love of others.

Exposing your heart does not mean that you turn into a doormat, but it does require that YOU must take the first step to melt the shield.

True power is gained through exposure and vulnerability – allowing a power greater than yourself to take over while trusting people to get closer to your heart so that your relationships grow deeper and richer, extinguishing your constant feeling of loneliness. 

We cannot expect radical change to happen overnight, but we can begin to crack wide open. 

You have the power to dissolve the armour around your heart and open up yourself energetically to the truth and love that you already are.

Because we all are so much more than our body glove – SO much more.

I’m just back from a magical week in Ibiza on a Shamanic Kundalini yoga retreat. It was a stark contrast to my typical dynamic Jivamukti yoga practice, but it was the very thing I needed as my physical body continues to heal from my bike ‘accident’ & surgery.

I feel replenished, resourced and ready to give from my overflow. I’ve been working on a few things that I can’t wait to share with you in the coming week. Until then I’m back tomorrow Wednesday for my weekly Purpose Breakthough in my FREE community On Purpose Collective is for you.

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