I’m on the other side of CoV-D & looking forward to the new year

F I N A L L Y…after 3 weeks, I’m on the other side of CoV-D & looking forward to the new year ahead!!

The entire last week of 2021 I spent nursing hubby and kids back to health and the entire 2022 I was recovering myself (2 whole weeks!), so now you know why I’ve been offline and not social for a while.

On the day after Christmas whilst getting tested for our flight the next day, my hubby tested positive. He isolated from us and we had to cancel all our holiday plans (Ibiza + a ski trip).

Although we (me + kids) tested negative, intuitively I knew we could not be far behind him.

I did not fear but rather believed that as a family we would beat this, together. We hardly ever get sick…knock on wood…I can’t even remember the last time.

Sure enough, the next day Tristan was unwell with symptoms and the day after Leia followed. Thankfully they recovered the quickest – nothing beats a child’s young & strong immune system. As a mom it breaks my heart to see them not well.

We all tested positive 3 days after hubby.

But I was the last to get symptoms. From January 1s it hit me the strongest. Every symptom – you name it – bedridden I had it.

Not sure if it’s because my body was/is still healing 4.5 months post-surgery and post-complication with my lungs …who knows.

All that matters is I am better, I am well and I recovered at home.

Despite my original, normal human feelings of let down, after cancelling all our holiday travel to stay at home, isolate & recover, the truth is,

that even when sick, there’s always something or someone to be grateful for.

I AM incredibly grateful for our NATURAL IMMUNITY, this truly is the best gift we could have ever received – for Christmas & beyond.

Thank you for that one week I was well so that I could nurse my husband & children back to health with lots of vitamins, essential oils, natural remedies & loads of TLC.

Thank you for the 2 weeks Nico & my children tended to me so that I could rest & recover.

Thank you Glovo for the many food deliveries that kept us fed & nourished.

Thank you Amazon Prime for the hours of entertainment – loved Nine Perfect Strangers and loving This is Us.

Thank you our beautiful home and garden that allowed us immense spaciousness to isolate.

Thank you to my breathwork and yoga practice that kept me sane and grounded.

Thank you to each of our beautiful bodies that never gave up on us with their INNATE WISDOM to HEAL itself.

Thank you to my acupuncturist that gave me and my immune system a boost so that I can get back to the work that I love and be in service to others. I had to postpone all my events and coaching calls last week…but it’s OK…the earth will keep spinning.

First up, tomorrow facilitating my in-person FULLY BOOKED event “Set Your Intentions for 2022” @ Soho House Barcelona  (Watch this space for more events, in-person & virtual).

Are you or someone you love recovering from CV-D?

I see you.

I feel you.

You are incredible.

You are unique.

You can face anything in your life.

You have the strength within yourself to overcome any obstacle, loss or situation.

You are not alone.

You are loved.

You have the right to feel bad & good.

You have the right to feel.

Be blessed by these positive vibes & live your life to the fullest.

Sending massive love & healing vibes.

Happy New Year. 


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