Guess who’s going to speak on the TEDx stage?

I AM BEYOND excited to share the news!!

And to think, that this brown Asian American girl who grew up on the other side of the tracks, who painfully yearned to belong, lacking in self-worth and confidence…

…to now a grown woman (mother and wife) who invested massive amounts of time, energy and money, doing the inner and outer work…

has an “idea worth spreading”.

As you can imagine, this is HUGE for little Leslie and grown up Leslie.

Being a TEDx speaker has been a DESIRE of mine for many years. 3 years ago I even applied but wasn’t selected.

But the universe had something so much bigger better planned for me.

In trusting my process and allowing my journey to unfold, this DESIRE came with so much grace and ease.

Not only did I MANIFEST this while having just recovered from covid.

But also I was personally invited by the curator who saw my videos online and reached out to me.

I AM a living testament that your DESIRES do not have an expiration date.

I AM proof that when you no longer push through the pain but rather get pulled by a vision, anything is possible.

I AM a stand for when you align yourself with what feels good, you shift into receiving mode and can manifest your DESIRES with far greater ease and flow.

Thank you friends and family for celebrating with me!!

Thank you to all my mentors, coaches and healers that shined a light on what was already there, reflecting back the love, truth, beauty and power within me.

I cannot wait to announce when and where…until then you’ll just have to watch this space.



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