Real Talk: This is the beginning of real freedom

Real talk: We cannot be in our Feminine power and we cannot raise the next generation of empowered women if we have not yet addressed the places within us where we have felt hurt from the Feminine.

Coming into full empowerment requires us to have an honest look at our relationship with our mothers and acknowledging the full impact of our mother’s pain on our lives.

This requires doing the work to heal the mother wound.

Often the mother wound is a repetition of your mother’s own mother wound and lack of adequate, good enough mothering and having experienced emotional absence.

The mother wound could have contributed you to having toxic relationships and the way you are in adult relationships, experience anxiety and/or depression and using food, alcohol other things for soothing your emotions.

It’s not easy and it’s not a linear process, I know. 

But I promise you, THIS work is the beginning of real freedom.

This work can help free you from the pain you are carrying AND from self-criticism, self-doubt, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve your relationships.

AND, this work breaks generational patterns backwards and forward.

As mothers we have the power to free our daughters to pursue their dreams without guilt, shame or a sense of obligation.

When we consciously process our own pain without making it our daughter’s problem, no longer do we carry the burden of our mother’s (and female ancestral lineage) pain and no longer do we keep ourselves small. 

If any of this sounds familiar please know that you are not alone.

For every human being (women AND men), the very first wound of the heart was at the site of the mother, the Feminine.

Your mother is a part of you and your make up (genes), but she is not you.

And I’m here to tell you that there is a way through it so that you can move forward to create what you DESIRE without shame or guilt, but with passion, joy, confidence, and love.

If you’re interested to know more about this work and healing the mother wound so that you can stop seeking external validation to feel OK, be more skilled in handling your emotions and have the FREEDOM to be yourself, then let’s connect. This is a big part of the work I successfully do with my clients, both women AND men.

It takes courage to separate your own individual beliefs, values, and thoughts from your mother so that you can move towards building a clearer sense of who you are as an individual.

I got you.

No more going at life alone. The universe is here ready to support you. I’m here to support you.


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