I did a thing…then stopped because of my major “accident”

In June last year, I was inspired to learn how to play the guitar. After an incredibly magical ayahuasca retreat (more on this in a later post), I felt a deep connection to this beautiful instrument in ways I never had before. 

So I went for it. I hired a teacher. I bought a guitar and all the things. I learned a few chords.

Then, life happened. Bike accident and no mobility for my left hand.

For two, hot sticky months in the Mediterranean my left hand was in a splint with a fractured scaphoid – in addition to my broken clavicle.

It could have been worse. Thankfully this fracture didn’t require surgery and I was in a removable splint.

Finally, last week I had my last physical therapy session (20 in total) for my left wrist and I’m happy to announce that I’m determined to get back to guitar lessons.

I know it’s not going to be easy to learn at my age, amongst all the other responsibilities as a wife, mom and entrepreneur, but I believe those things that are the most worthwhile do take time and are meant to feel challenging at first.

This is perfectly natural.

The soreness is all part of the process and these temporary sensations will pass eventually.

The only way to develop is to keep practicing through the feelings of awkwardness and pain.

Do you have a long DESIRE to try something new? 

Remember your DESIRES do not have an expiration date

Here’s my top four tips to MANIFEST your new hobby now:

  1. MAKE A LIST. Have fun and welcome the possibilities! Write down all the activities you’ve ever wanted to explore on a piece of paper, then circle the ones that stand out.
  2. VISUALISE THE END RESULT. Ask yourself “What do I want to accomplish with this new hobby?”  “What will this new hobby bring me?”
  3. REMOVE PRESSURE TO BE PERFECT. It doesn’t exist! Let go of your expectations and enjoy. Getting out of your comfort zone can bring so much joy and confidence – in all areas of your life. 
  4. BE REALISTIC. It’s all about baby steps! Be intentional with your time, schedule it in and make it non-negotiable. Determine what’s realistic for your circumstances.

Do you have a new hobby you’d like to try this year? I’d love to hear from you! Hit the ‘reply’ button and let me know so that I can cheer you on! Or >>>Click here to share on today’s IG post and listen to me singing on my second day playing guitar  …baby steps 😉 


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