Do you desire to move through this world with more GRACE?

Have you become hardened and want more JOY and LOVE in your life?

Are you moving too slowly and need help to PROGRESS to SUCCESS?

Then beautiful you’re in the right place!

Because it is possible for you to get the answers you seek and turn your life around entirely in the direction of your dreams.

This past summer marks the 13-year anniversary that I was Euro-bound and moved my life from Los Angeles to London (now Barcelona). I’ve had some beautiful moments – getting married and having two healthy, happy children. But there were also some challenging and painful times – living in a foreign country, starting a new life and witnessing serious illness and passing of loved ones.

I’d be lying if I said my life was always calm and that for over a decade I Om’d my way across the pond and through some major transitions.

There were difficult (and tearful) moments coupled with feelings of:

“Did I do the right thing?”

“Am I ready?”

“What if…?”

It took a massive, conscious effort of investing in myself with a deep commitment to personal growth to get me to where I am today.

For over a decade I’ve spent over a hundred thousand dollars going on numerous trainings, retreats, workshops, masterminds, and working privately with top healers, coaches and teachers from around the world, as I sought the answers and peace I so longed for.


As humans we learn through contrast. It’s in these very experiences that we can master how to filter what our inner guide resonates with or not, so we cannot be easily led astray.


Next time something or someone difficult crosses your path, I invite you to ask yourself,

“What can I learn from this?”

There’s always a spiritual treasure with every experience.

There’s always a lesson meant to help move use forward in our spiritual evolution.

At times we feel stuck because we all have an inner critic (ego) that loves to tell us that we’re not good enough, or that it was our fault, or that we should just wait a little while longer.

Many of us (including me) have mistaken this voice as being real, and therefore have spent the majority of our lives playing small, suppressing our feelings, influenced by others, doing things we don’t love, relying on coping mechanisms and staying stagnant.

What I’ve learned, from both personal experience and working with clients, is that when you TUNE INTO YOUR SOUL’S GPS to exactly WHAT’s your heart’s desire (WHAT and WHY you want to cultivate and create) you have the power to silence the inner critic and start living A LIFE YOU LOVE – immediately.

I know how it feels to be stuck between knowing you were meant for more, and having no idea what that could feel or look like, or what your next steps are.

I TOTALLY GET IT and I want you to know that YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

From having burnout in the corporate world, to “having it all” as a successful entrepreneur and checking all the boxes at the age of 25, and then leaving everything to move abroad, to becoming a young (stay-at-home) mother, and now being in alignment with my soul, I finally live a life that allows me to now stay on purpose without having to compartmentalise myself.

I now LIVE A LIFE I LOVE and I would love to guide you on how you can too!

Life is precious. You cannot get back time.

I know there are no accidents in life, and that you have been guided here for a reason.

You are whole and complete. You are LOVE and you are so LOVED.

This work and your journey is about re-membering that…your true essence.

Now it’s my passion and life’s work to guide you to that too.

It’s never too late or too early to change and become who you want to be and LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE.

Are you ready to heal, empower and transform your life?

If you’ve answered “YES” then let’s connect! Email me today at

I would be honoured to meet you wherever you are in your journey.

Much love and many blessings,

Leslie Saglio

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In London 2014, I share my personal journey into wellness and what inspired my life work.