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Get CLARITY NOW, a guided video meditation & workbook!

Learn how to immediately and positively move forward in your life today. This is the first step in my private coaching process and now it’s yours – for FREE!

Are you in transition, whether as a parent, in your career, or moving home? Are you stressed and feel like there’s never enough hours in your day? Do you have great monetary success but still feel like something’s missing in your life?

You’re not alone. I’ve been there and I know what it takes to overcome the challenges of change and to create a new and happy life.

As your coach and partner in life, I would be honoured to meet you on your path wherever you may be. I will guide you on your path of transition. I will inspire, encourage and empower you to live a life you love.

As your coach we will work in a safe environment that supports you to move forward and step into your full potential. You will be held a safe and transformative space for you to finally let go of the fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living more fully. You will be guided to find own answers and you will be empowered to make your own decisions.

Choosing to invest in yourself with individual coaching takes massive commitment. Since 2010 when I began my path into wellness it completely changed the trajectory of my life. I understand it’s necessary to have the professional care and support of others to be a success in this world and to live a joyful and full life.

In London I trained as an Energy 4 Life© Wellness Coach. In Los Angeles I earned my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Global Marketing from the University of Southern California. Most importantly my extensive training comes from my life experiences as a mother of two, ten years living abroad, and six years as an entrepreneur.

Coaching sessions are conducted by phone, Skype or in person. A minimum six-month commitment is required. Coaching includes identifying use (and abuse) of personal energy, exploring and reframing old, limiting beliefs, empowerment exercises and tools, developing action plans for powerful change and unlimited email support.

Not sure where to start? Let’s talk about how I can help you on your journey. Contact me HERE to to schedule your complimentary 30 minute Discovery call.



“Working with Leslie has opened up so many possibilities and opportunities that I did not previously have. Through her loving guidance I was able to move from a mindset of lack into one of abundance and prosperity. I have grown leaps and bounds during our coaching together, and I am incredibly grateful for her encouragement. I can’t thank her enough for how much she has helped me grow and realize aspects of myself that needed light and healing. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and caring coach to guide me as I move through different stages of my life. I am now moving closer and closer to my highest aspirations and I have Leslie to thank for helping me realize them. She is a true source of light in this world, and an incredible coach and teacher. Thank you so much Leslie! Namaste!”

– Kat, Los Angeles, C.A., U.S.A


“Within a very short time I went from a place of uncertainty to real openness and great energy and a lot of that had to do with both Leslie’s personal energy, her texture but also together with the way that the retreat was structured…the retreat was amazing! Leslie was fantastic.”

– Martin, London, U.K.


“I have worked with other life coaches, spiritual advisors, and traditional psychologists, with varied results. Working with Leslie, the results were apparent and immediate … I did not have to “wait and see” or “have faith” that I was undergoing transformation. This is important to me, as I am a working professional in an office. Leslie’s approach combines a safe, supportive environment with tools you can use immediately and for the rest of your life. Having sessions with Leslie is something that I do for myself to invest in myself, my health, and my happiness.”

– Erin, Los Angeles, C.A., U.S.A


“nothing short of amazing…will truly press the reset button for you…hooked after the first session…allow you to find peace in your mind and balance in your body. A truly unique and wonderful experience. To be recommended unequivocally”

— Gaelle, London, U.K.

Get CLARITY NOW, a guided video meditation & workbook.

Learn how to immediately and positively move forward in your life today. This is the first step in my private coaching process and now it’s yours – for FREE!