Leslie Saglio Master Coach

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Has this year been challenging for you?
  • Do you desperately need a change in your life and you are lost?
  • Have you lost touch with your power, your turn-on, your inner spark?
  • Do you feel like you just do not belong anywhere?
  • Are you ready to make how you feel and your happiness a priority in 2022?

If you've answered "YES" to any of these, then THIS is your sign.

Join us for this exclusive year-end FREE 5-Day Women’s Masterclass Series

"5 Secrets to Activate Your Feminine Power & Manifest Your Desires”.

Leslie Saglio Master Coach

During these 5 days you'll learn how to:

  • Day 1: Awaken Your Divine Feminine For More Ease & Love. Start releasing the pain and chaos of 2021, feel the truth of who you are and your purpose, so that you rise above to co-create a new, more loving world - the feminine way.
  • Day 2: Manifest Your Feminine Desires For Greater Success & Fulfilment. Get clear on your desires and give full permission to let that lead, so that you stop feeling depleted, hardened and start naturally drawing in success and opportunities with greater ease.
  • Day 3: Connect Your Feminine Energy To Have Less Effort & More Flow. Stop feeling disconnected and start feeling centred and calm so that you decrease stress/anxiety, increase self-awareness and navigate this time of great change with less effort and more flow.
  • Day 4: Unleash Your Feminine Pleasure To Feel Radiant & Confident. Get out of your logical thinking and get into your intuitive body so that you feel radiant, replenished and confident to overcome self-doubt and embody the soul of being a woman - a mother, lover and leader.
  • Day 5: Activate Your Feminine Power To Live Big & On Purpose. Tap into your birthright and the wisdom within, so that you stop playing small, raise your abundance vibration, and take the centre stage in your life/work, without sacrificing money and lifestyle as you feel and experience the feminine way.

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“Leslie is a powerful master coach and uplifting speaker who has the ability to engage and connect with her audience.

From a diverse background, she draws from over a decade of experience and facilitates a space for inspiration, motivation and transformation.”

“Leslie was one of our storytellers at the Hub Dot Make the World a Better Place event, speaking from the heart about how we make our inner world a better place.

She brought a real warmth to our event, inspiring everyone in the room. Leslie is a joy to be around; full of positive energy and passionate about her subject. People like her do make the world a better place”

Christine Hassler Master Coach

Christine Hassler, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Master Coach, Podcast and TV Host

Simona Barbieri, Founder & CEO Hub Dot

With expertise spanning over 15 years, from Hollywood executive to startup co-founder, to living overseas for over a decade, Leslie understands well what it takes to thrive in a stressful and challenging global environment. 

Leslie is a certified Master Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, and Founder of the Feminine Power & Purpose Immersion transforming the lives of women so they can stop playing small and taking the centre stage in their life and work, impacting the world with their unique influence.

She's also the Creator of the On Purpose Collective Facebook Group, a global community of like-minded people inspired and connected during this time of great change to live a life of purpose, and where she teaches live weekly trainings.

Leslie has been featured in U.S. top lifestyle media Well+Good, mindbodygreen and Thrive Global as well as internationally with Virgin, White Ibiza, OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine and Yoga magazine. 

A Los Angeles native and London expat, Leslie currently lives in sunny Barcelona with her French husband and two beautiful children.

In her spare time she enjoys yoga, being in nature, playing with her Cavapoo Kula, and travelling across Europe.

Leslie Saglio Master Coach

What Feminine Power Masterclass participants are saying...

"It helped me tap back into that deep knowing that I have inside of me and awakening that power and that beauty...enjoying life, feeling that permission to feel pleasure and have joy.

I have come away from this week feeling more confident, clear and having more energy and passion than I did when I first started ."

Wendy, California, USA

"The power of sisterhood is beyond your wildest imagination. The way that Leslie holds the space and this intimate connection that we're able to have, her experiences, love for women and commitment to this work is so inspiring and beautiful. Her beauty and light within is the thing that shrouds us and gives us that hug that makes us make us feel alive and beautiful - wanting more and wanting expansion."

Masani, New York, USA

"This work has really made a change in my self belief, in my way of thinking and opened me up more to the connection and power of sisterhood. I rushed through Barcelona to make it live. Leslie's practices and guidance is super eye-opener! It was really amazing!"

Eva, Barcelona, Spain

As the new year quickly approaches, I invite you to ask yourself “What is possible?”

Because when we align ourselves with what feels good, we shift into receiving mode and can manifest our desires with far greater ease and flow.

Being female is one thing. But embracing, accepting, and using your full potential as a woman is another.

Get ready to activate your power and naturally manifest your desires, the feminine way.

We start in...