Manifest Abudance Masterclass Digital

Manifest Abundance Online Course 2019

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Do any of the following apply to you:
* You work really hard and you feel overwhelmed and burnout.
* You put off what you really care about and you seeking inspiration and motivation.
* You yearn to develop or deepen your spiritual practice.
* You want to discover what matters most to you and gain clarity.
* You want to learn empowerment tools and practices to inspire healthy, lasting change.
If you’ve said yes to any of the above, then THIS IS YOUR SIGN to sign up now.


MANIFEST ABUNDANCE is a beautiful catalyst for you, a powerful moment to focus on your personal growth and step into your highest potential.
You’ll receive nearly 2 hours of inspiring and motivational video that includes:
* Two guided meditations/visualisations to get clarity about your deepest heart’s desire
* Writing exercises to find out what’s in the way of receiving what you want
* Practical tools to help you let go of limiting beliefs and manifest more love, peace and happiness
Hear how Leslie turned her challenges and pain into opportunities for growth. In the course, she deeply shares how she went from burnt out Hollywood executive, to meeting her husband online, to grieving the loss of her best friend, then father to now international wellness entrepreneur and living an abundant life!
For the first time ever, you’ll virtually receive the incredible love and guidance Leslie creates and facilitates at her live events.
Investment: €20


Leslie’s Manifest Abundance workshop was so beneficial! Full of great and meaningful tools. Loved the real life story experiences. Proves that she really been there. Thank you!”

Barcelona, Spain
“I had worked really hard the past year, neglecting personal projects for lack of time, and too much stress. I felt the need for some guidance and clarity for the upcoming new year and so I thought this may help. I gave myself a push. Once checked in, I felt calm and grateful to be present.
We learned about Leslies journey and she helped us reflect about ours through ways of meditation, asking ourselves questions and writing down the answers. Once I got started, there was no turning back. It was also calming and reassuring to see that I was not alone.
Living in this fast-paced world doesn’t leave much time and energy for refection. It is easy to forget about what really matters and let our emotions hit a low.  I left the workshop full of positive energy and enlightened. I felt the urge to make some small changes in my daily routine which have already improved the quality of my thoughts and wellbeing.
I keep going and look forward to the next workshop. Thank you Leslie.”
Barcelona, Spain



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