10 Ways To Grow Through Your Grief

“Grace is a power that comes in and transforms a moment into something better” ~ Caroline Myss


Death of a loved one is never easy, whether it’s sudden or to be expected.  When my father passed away after four months on hospice care it was still painful. For eight months, every month,  I flew from London to Los Angeles to be by my father’s side. And with each visit his health deteriorated more and more. Looking back I realise the entire time I was already grieving – grieving for the father that would no longer be there to see me and his grandchildren grow up. But thankfully to all my spiritual practices I was able to remain strong and courageous in my fear of losing my father. Instead I was able to act from a place of love, surrendering to that which I could not control and honour his wishes, his soul’s purpose and continue to find peace and inspiration in his life and legacy. I was able to grow through grief.

What I’ve learned is that grief is a process not an event.  It’s normal, necessary, and physically demanding, affecting your body, heart, social self and spirit. Therefore now more than ever it was (and still is) important to have compassion for yourself, allowing time to heal, by taking time to slow down, turn inward, and embrace your feelings of loss. Through nurturing yourself in journeying through your grief, it is then that we can find meaning in our continued living.

Everyone’s grief journey will be unique, leaving you profoundly affected and deeply changed. It has the power to make you more fully aware and live in the present. While transition requires courage and trust, all change can be a powerful force for growth and transformation. Here are 10 ways to grow through your grief, emotionally and spiritually:

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How to Transform Your Life Through Yoga

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