“Leslie is a powerful master coach and uplifting speaker who has the ability to engage and connect with her audience. From a diverse background, she draws from nearly two decades of experience and facilitates a space for inspiration, motivation and transformation.”
Christine Hassler
Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Master Coach, Podcast and TV Host​ (USA)
“Leslie has become a go-to expert in Europe on the feminine leadership journey. So inspiring! Leslie has been on a tremendous healing journey, and because of her business she was able to get back in the saddle with so much grace.”
Sage Lavine
CEO, Trainer, #1 Best-Selling Author & Podcast Host of Women Rocking Business (USA)
“Leslie was one of our storytellers at the Hub Dot Make the World a Better Place event, speaking from the heart about how we make our inner world a better place. She brought a real warmth to our event, inspiring everyone in the room. Leslie is a joy to be around; full of positive energy and passionate about her subject. People like her do make the world a better place”
Simona Barbieri
Founder & CEO Hub Dot (UK)


"I was at that place where I had done so many courses and I was still feeling stuck. I cannot tell you how great this course is and Leslie’s intuitive nature to know exactly what is needed. The way that Leslie holds the space and this intimate connection that we're able to have, her experiences, love for women and commitment to this work is so inspiring and beautiful. It brought me to the next level of possibility – major breakthroughs with money, self-love, and just having new awareness. My heart is so open to just what is next for me.”
"This work has really made a change in my self belief and my way of thinking. I feel in a much better place. I know what I want to achieve and how to do it. Leslie's guidance has proven phenomenal and very supportive. I cleared many issues from my past and I have gained more confidence and clarity. It's been a very beautiful experience. I couldn't recommend highly enough. I'm really, really happy to have been part of this program."”
"I was trying to do it all by myself and didn’t know how to move forward. I learned so much about myself, more than I’ve learned about myself my entire life. Leslie’s a beautiful soul who genuinely cares about helping other women. She’s got this beautiful gift that she knows intuitively, what’s the underlying issue.“
"Working with Leslie, the results were apparent and immediate. I did not have to “wait and see” or “have faith” that I was undergoing transformation. This is important to me, as I am a working professional in an office. Leslie’s approach combines a safe, supportive environment with tools you can use immediately and for the rest of your life.”