What My Wonderful Clients Have To Say

“Leslie is a calm, centred and loving person. As soon as you are in contact with her, you feel instantly chilled out: she has an amazingly warm energy and a beautiful, soothing voice. I found myself opening up to her easily and the goals we set were straightforward, baby steps so that I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I found some closure on what had been a stressful time…I turned some bitter feelings into gratitude for what that experience had taught me. It was very illuminating and I have used it to help me with other situations…a great life lesson. Thank you! ”

NickyBarcelona, Spain

“…heard great things about her classes even before starting, and was not disappointed. As a stress management and resilience development psychologist, I’m always looking for new ways to improve my mental and physical health, and I must say that Leslie’s classes are helping me a lot in the process…both classes she weekly teaches at her beautiful Barcelona studio…I would like to encourage anyone who’s reading this to attend Leslie’s classes as a way to thrive, find inner stability and, most importantly, better cope with our beautiful although increasingly fast-paced world.”

Dr AmandaBarcelona, Spain

“Loved…thank you! Feel great!…Leslie has the knack.”

BrittLondon, U.K.

“a wonderful experience…very enriching…highly recommend wellness coaching…her passion and understanding…make such a positive difference to our busy overstimulated lives.”

IsabelleLondon, U.K.

“Relaxing, convenient and intimate. A lovely way to end the week doing something soothing for my body.”

HagiBarcelona, Spain

“I recently moved to Barcelona and wanted to return to yoga after a break due to an injury…a lovely person…really enjoy the more personalised touch she offers. Leslie understands each person needs and offers various levels to support them, and this works well for me in managing my injuries. Thank you Leslie for helping me come back to yoga.”

AllisonBarcelona, Spain

“…a sense to understand who you are as a person and bring balance to your body and soul…such a kind, gentle human being with so much spiritual richness”

MartaLondon, U.K.

“a natural…her clarity, high level of spirit and sense of humour create a relaxed and enjoyable environment…positively affect[ing] both my physical and mental well-being. Leslie’s enthusiasm and warmth motivate me to integrate yoga into my often-hectic schedule.”

AleksandraBarcelona, Spain


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