My classes revolve around invigorating the senses, inspiring the soul and encouraging my students to discover the deeper layers of the self, assisting them in bringing positive energy and transformation into their lives. With a background in dance, movement and energy healing I use scent and sound, bringing balance and fluidity for the body, mind and spirit.


Prior to yoga, while in Los Angeles, I worked in the Entertainment and Real Estate industries, but it was yoga that turned my attention inward to truly take care of myself and my family, living a more beautiful and balanced life. Committed to a holistic lifestyle I’m passionate in helping others heal, transform, and support a more positive and healthy well-being. I’m deeply grateful for all the teachers on my journey so far, most especially my two young children.


I’m an Associate Level Two member of the Yoga Alliance Professionals. I completed 300 hours teacher training, in Vinyasa and Yin, and then completed my Children’s teacher training under Jo Manuel of the Special Yoga Foundation. I also use the whYoga For Pregnancy Technique™ and I’m inspired by the benefits of yoga for pregnancy, birth and beyond.


2019 Schedule

Currently on schedule there are no weekly yoga classes, however Leslie’s offering weekly meditation classes at OneCoWork Catedral. For more information and to book go here.

Check back here for upcoming special events, workshops and retreats.

Leslie is available for private individual or group classes at your home, office or school. For more information contact







This is a deliciously deep, mindful and reflective practice, that involves resting in simple, accessible postures for an extended period of time. Energetically, Yin helps regulate the energy flow, enhancing the flow of Chi (Life Force Energy), in the body. Yin yoga targets deeper tissues such as the ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of the body focusing primarily on the spine, pelvis, and hips.


This dynamic practice explores a range of yoga postures within the context of mindfulness and poses run together like a dance. Linking movement with the breath, this helps cultivate a balance of strength and flexibility throughout the entire body – physically, mentally and spiritually.


Children can benefit from yoga in many ways.  It helps improve children’s concentration, behaviour, flexibility, fitness and overall self-esteem.  It also helps them develop respect for their bodies through a strong and healthy sense of self.  They also learn how to be calm and relax within their environment.


There is no greater time in life where the meaning of yoga (union) is more true than during pregnancy.  It’s a beautiful time to slow down and connect with the miracle of life being created.  By focusing on relaxation, breath awareness, and gentle stretching, yoga helps alleviate the pains and stress of pregnancy while allowing mother-to-be to prepare for the birth and journey of motherhood.